Lex Natura, Lex Economica

The invisible part of African spirituality is the philosophy of the real.

The philosophy of the real states that human potential fulfillment emerges only from active direct interaction with reality. The raw data captured by our senses and cognition would eventually lead to understanding and from understanding knowledge, from knowledge wisdom, and from wisdom humor.

Acquired knowledge is often compounded and transmitted to children, but the transmission process comes with two main risks.

#1. Actuality: is the knowledge still actual or is it outdated. More often than not past knowledge is not actual.
#2. Error and manipulation. Transcription often carries the risk of manipulation, error or omissions.

The above two reasons explain the stupidness of book smart people once they are outside of buildings.

Why am I writing this post?

To enslave someone just make him or her hate the real world and offer him or her the comfort of a virtual reality.

To control someone shield him from reality. The propaganda word for that virtual reality is called modernity.

We have succeeded so much with modernity that for most people modernity is the reality.

Modernity is the lex Economica or domestication, or human zoo.

For the fractional part of humans, unscared by the raw, rough, real world, lex Natura or the jungle is our home.

I have so much to say about this.

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