Poverty is Political

Poverty is political. It’s not a technical problem, nor a mental disease to be cured.

The poor don’t lack electricity because electricity technology does not exist, and the know-how to bring it to them unavailable.

The poor don’t lack clean water because clean water technologies do not exist, and ways to bring water to them are unsolvable challenges.

The poor don’t lack access to hospital and good nursery because the world lack knowledge about how to build hospitals and good nurseries.

The poor don’t lack access to good education because the world don’t have enough teachers and lack the knowledge in building good schools.

The poor don’t live in indecent ‘houses’ because the world don’t have knowledge in how to build decent houses.

The poor lack access to all above and more because someone had decided to deny them access, or a system in place made sure the poor are not provided for.

Poverty is a resource allocation problem. Poverty is more an injustice issue, not a technical or mental problem.

70% of African population live in villages, and are farmers, but less than 15% of our States budget goes to rural areas needs.

63 people in the world have more wealth than the rest of the humanity.… Read more

Raising the African Child to Conquer the World

This post is for African parents who believe Africa need great rulers to free our continent and go on to conquer the world with our humanist values

Dear African parents,
You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. We however have something in common. We are Africans, and we have children to raise.
As Africans, we look around and we can’t fail to notice how our status in the world is low, very low. Our continent is occupied by foreigners who dictate our conducts, exploit our people and resources, humiliate us. We have very bad leaders with little ambition to lift us from that shithole.

It’s possible the change we wish for would not happen during our lifetime, and as many before us, you and me would die bitter, frustrated as conquered men living in vassal states.

Is that a reason to turn pessimistic and give up on the dream of our fathers and mothers to see Africa roaring back, powerful and respected, feared and loved, independent and forceful?

NO. Repeat after me. We won’t give up.

We have the responsibility to keep the light of our freedom alive. We have the duty to keep the spirit of our coming back alive.… Read more

Debunking a Dangerous idea: Africa Unity

The dream of little schooled African man is to make Africa to become like Europe or America. In his little skull of colonized man, deprived of agency, mimicking the master, he supposedly fought to get independence, is seen as his future.

Europe has European Union; therefore, Africa needs Africa Union.
America has the United States of America; therefore, little African man want United States of Africa.

You see, little African man, doesn’t think by himself, he imitates the master, he copies the master in hope to become like the master one day.

Therefore, the very idea of African Union or Unity is not the little African man one, but a thoughtless impulse to copy what the master is doing.

My goal in this article is to debunk the idea of a necessity of an African Unity.

Let’s start from the beginning, “Why do you want Africa unity?”

So called panafricanists would say, because Africa has been divided by the colonizers and needs unity to become strong.

“Are we weak because we are divided?
When was the last time we were united and were undefeatable?
Do you mean were united before colonization, but the white came and beat us, and divided us, and now we want to go back to before colonization and become stronger and defeat the whites?… Read more

Racism: What is the Problem?

We are not victim of white supremacy, we are victim of black weakness.
The right diagnosis leads to better treatment.
Black weakness is our problem and it’s our responsibility.
We are disrespected, mistreated, colonized, because we are weak, not because we are black. That is it!

Justice is possible only between equals.

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Power Respects Only Power

During slavery, there were lot of people protesting. Regardless of their protests, slavery of Africans lasted over 300 years.

During colonisation, there were lot of people protesting it. Regardless of their protests, African direct colonisation lasted 200 years, and still is going.

Why did those protests fail?

Powerless people making moral noises and calling to ethical values had never stopped people in power to do what they have to do in their interests.

Power respects only power.

Get a life, and stop itching people ears with your powerless declaration. Pity seeking, victim porn, and fist in the air are for noise makers.

Seek power by all means possible then you’d be listened to, preferably feared in the first place.

We Africans are currently a protected class. We have been victim to so much and to everyone that we now have a worldwide monopoly on victimhood.

We are so weak and so easy to abuse, to the point that without that protected class status, we would be done with easily. We currently need that status.

If you touch an African, regardless of the reason why, our protected class status makes everyone see instantly the African as the victim.

That status allows us to behave in ways that would not normally be tolerated but we could get away with that, because every one knows that dealing directly with us might trigger condemnation and accusation for abusing poor Africans!… Read more

Entrepreneurship Redefined

Entrepreneurship means organizing to access wealth and power.

In a peaceful society, the best entrepreneurship for anyone is marriage.

Developing character, attitude, know-how, manners to marry a person from an already wealthy and powerful family is the best entrepreneurship.

For a man, being genetically lucky, being good looking coupled with humility to let women from wealthy families to choose you, is the best entrepreneurship.

For women, being genetically well endowed, knowing the difference between a weed seller with flashy lifestyle and a man from a wealthy family, and not being mindless and a loud speaker, is the best entrepreneurship.

Second to marriage, joining a political party is the best entrepreneurship decision. The shortest path to wealth in less than a generation is joining modern gangs groups called political parties.

Being bold, ambitious, good tactician inside a well established political party opens you to a lot of opportunities to become wealthy and connected.

Third is joining the managerial class. The managerial class is the economical gang group or mercenaries used by the wealthy families to organize the precariat workforce to extract profit, while enjoying themselves bonuses.

To join the managerial class you might be endowed with a functional sociopathy, and the skills to get people to work hard for your wealth accumulation.… Read more

COVID19: The African Mystery or Why so low cases for a continent with a Billion inhabitants?

This week would mark the fourth month and half since the first case of COVID19 was isolated in Africa. It was on the 14th of February 2020 in Egypt by a Chinese national. Two weeks later, on February 27th, a second case was reported in Nigeria involving an Italian citizen.

These first cases sent a wave of fears among the local populations and the world’s health experts. Bill Gates warned that the virus could overwhelm the health services of Africa potentially leading to 10 million deaths on the continent. Gates’ wife, Melinda Gates expressed her fear in a more poignant way: “It’s going to be horrible in the developing world. Part of the reasons you are seeing the case numbers still do not look very bad is because they don’t have access to many tests. Look at what is happening in Ecuador, they are putting bodies out on the streets, you are going to see that in countries in Africa,” Mrs Gates said .

The UN Secretary General António Guterres said he fears millions and millions of contamination and death in Africa. “We can still prevent the worst in Africa but without a massive mobilisation we will have millions and millions of people contaminated, which means millions of deaths,” said Guterres adding that Africa’s booming youth population will not be spared.… Read more

Why Are African Americans so Vulnerable?

It’s not because you are unlucky, born orphan and handicapped that the laws of gravity stop applying to you, or you get a waver.

Indians in America have the country India as a backing nation.

The Chinese have China.

The Russians have Russia.

The Turks have Turkey.

Armenians have Armenia.

Mexicans have Mexico.

The Arabs have Umma.

The backing states actively intervene in the organization, leadership and the infrastructure of their minorities in the USA, regardless of the fact that they are American citizens.

Do African Americans have any backing country which would stand for them, flex diplomatic strength on their behalf, or take retaliatory actions when necessary?

Does any backing state intervene in the organization, leadership and infrastructure of African Americans?

When was the last time a nation state stood singlehandedly for the African Americans?

Any minority needs a patron with enough power to protect it from abuse in a foreign land.

The persistent vulnerability of African Americans in the United States has a lot to do with the simple fact that they could be abused without fear of retaliation or economical consequences!

The African Union is not a strong enough institution to play that role?

Which country in Africa could play that role?Read more

Matriarchy: a Come Back

In a self sufficient society, women are more affluent, therefore matriarchy.

When a society is confronted with scarcity, Men become more affluent as war is required to conquer new territory for survival.

Patriarchy is the offspring of scarcity, and matriarchy is only possible in abundant society.

Women want peace. It gives them more power. Men need conflicts and crisis to give a meaning to their life.

Constant wars, conflicts, and crisis are necessary for patriarchy to survive. Most men don’t feel alive if they are not into a battle.

Patriarchy is under threat all over the world. Men are therefore restless. Many conflicts in the world could be considered desperate attempts to save patriarchy, or at least to justify it.

A long period of peace is a threat to patriarchy, as defeated nations men also lose their patriarchal status.

Nevertheless, there is a spiral dynamic on the way, as we are currently witnessing few countries entering a new matriarchal period after centuries of patriarchy.… Read more


In one of my most recent piece about witchcraft, I explained how objectifying others would instantiate powerful forces in your mind and body, enabling you to overpower people and circonstances.

Refer to that post to learn more about what is witchcraft and its operational experience.

This post is about the best part of witchcraft which is how to render yourself powerful by objectifying yourself. The idea is to bewitch yourself which means putting yourself under your total control.

The self bewitching process is as simple as taking yourself as an object of curiosity or study you can play with or enact for specific purposes.

When someone says ‘I’m a lion’, he has just objectified himself to emulate the powers in a lion. When the ex president of Benin, Mathieu Kerekou, saw himself as a chameleon, he molded his spirit in the attributes of a chameleon, and that served him very well during his long political career.

Countries also bewitch themselves by choosing an animal as their spiritual guide. The American eagle, the German eagle, the Russian bear, the Kenyan lion, the Australian kiwi, the Congolese okapi, the Danish Swan, the Mauritius dodo are examples of nations trusting their character and projection to some animals.… Read more