Guiding Symbols

Every year I choose a symbol which would guide me through the new year.

Year 2017 was the year of the Eagle.

It means to soar high enough to have top view, perspective of my condition, the one of my family, and the one of my communities.

The year 2018 was my year of the Ant.

From the macro perspective to the micro one on the ground, I focused on building a resilient community with organization and discipline where everyone finds a place.

My symbol for 2019 was the Hippopotamus.

The Hippo is a very cool animal but an endangered species in Africa. As symbol the Hippo is a very territorial animal, with powerful effective stealth defense mindset. If need to be, the Hippo charges only to win.

For 2020, I’ve chosen the parasite toxoplasma as symbol.

Toxo is a unicellular parasite with a level of intelligence superior to most humans when it come to organizing to get result. For example, toxo reproduces only in the gut of cats. To get into the stomach of cats, toxo would infect mice, migrate to their brain, then alter their brain chemistry removing mice fear of cat, even making mice to be attracted to cats urine and feces.… Read more