Pre-engagement checklist in Adja culture

11 Things families check before allowing marriage in the Adja culture :

1. There should be no thief in the family. Theft is considered a contagious disease, genetically transmitted, so one should make sure not to bring such genes into his lineage.

2. Do kids die suddenly in the family? If yes, one should avoid marrying from such families. Sudden kids death is considered a disease or bad witchcraft to avoid.

3. Does the family has a fool or mentally challenged member. Bad signs.

4. Anyone with epilepsy in the family? If yes, there should be no marriage. Albinism? Postnatal depression? Sickle cell disease?

5. Are there lazy members in the family. Laziness is a disease, which could contaminate and spread.

6. Does the family have elders which to refer to in case of conflict? If no, that family is too weak to ally with.

7. Do the women from that family divorce often or are known for adultery. Those women kill men, so such families should be avoided.

8. If you don’t like her mother, you won’t like the daughter.

9. If the father is alcoholic, you are likely to end up cheating on him and sleep outside.

10. Are they rich? Poor people have nice girls, but they don’t upgrade to wealth very well.

11. Don’t marry if you haven’t built a house. Because one person can’t built a house. This is for men.

Marriage is about two families and every marriage requires at least three months of investigation on the other family.

You don’t marry because the candidate has a good looking body or has money.

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