Useless Activists: No one cares about your ideas

Activists spending most of their time on awareness or consciousness campaigns are either wasting their time or are in entertainment business.

In very religious countries, the masses are looking for ‘Gods in human form’ to follow.

Strong, powerful, charismatic, provider men or women regardless of their ideologies.

They crave faces with a presence that scares but also cajoles, patronizes, and provides.

People follow people, not ideas or ideologies.

If any ideology, they already have religion which is soothing enough. To Hell, you can go with your kemetism, panafricanism, afrocentricity, communalism.

Misunderstanding this fundamental aspect of religious societies often leads to high frustration in the activists communities.

The masses don’t want discourse. They don’t want to understand. Like the God they pray to never speaks back, but in silence respond to their prayers, the masses want men, not poor like themselves, far away from their pitiful conditions, who just come to tell them what they want to hear and provide things on their wish list.

They want saviors.

Everyone else should mind their business.

Marginal, loud mouth, poor activists barely qualify as the figures masses in poor religious countries are looking for.

As reminder, they don’t want empowerment nor illumination, they want people who could provide and make them dream or relax.

No smart activist wanted.
They could stay in Europe or America and Zuck.

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