people monologue

Good People, Bad People

How to know if you are a good person?

Good people have to remind to themselves that they shouldn’t forget themselves.

Their internal monologue goes like this ‘think about yourself, think about your family…’.

Selfish and bad people monologue is very much different. It goes like this ‘I should think a bit about others. I shouldn’t think only about myself…’.

What kind of monologue do you have with yourself?

The world needs both good people and bad people.

In the training of evangelical pastors, they are often advised not to wish for the death of satan, because satan is part of the business plan. Without satan the whole church would disappear. They kick him, crush him, insult him, but it’s forbidden to kill him, because good and bad are the two faces of the same coin, and none has absolute value.

May you embrasse your evil side like you wish to become a good person.

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