What is witchcraft?

Have you ever wondered what is witchcraft?

If you are interested in witchcraft I’ll try in this short post to explain it to you in a way that separate superstition and mysticism from the true core of witchcraft.

In all societies, past and present, there is witchcraft. Some societies have more witches than others, and some families more than others.

It’s easy to acquire witchcraft if you are born in a family where there are already witches, or in countries where the practice of witchcraft is pervasive like in China, Japan, Russia, England or Germany.

Wherever the topic of witchcraft is raised, it triggers fear and rejection because people with witchcraft often have access to powers that are very strong, but more importantly witchcraft works by objectifying everything including humans, suppressing emotions from normal interactions.

By now you are wondering, when would I end up telling you what is witchcraft.

Here we are.

Witchcraft is the ability to use multiple screens while interacting with the world. The basic level of witchcraft is when a person would actively be talking to you but still using another screen in his mind thinking or visualizing other realities or plotting moves to entrap you.

Simply put, a witch could be here with you, talking to you, while simultaneously screening inside his mind parallel events or planing ahead moves to overpower you or get ahead.… Read more

Don’t run!

I’m from Togo.

Togo is a beautiful country with the most humble, the most hardworking, and the most liberal people in west Africa. They are also the most honest in west Africa, just behind the people of Burkina Faso.

Unfortunately, the country has being taken hostage by an internal colonial regime since half a century and years after years the regime has succeeded to break any attempt to overthrow it.

Recently, I met a high ranking member of the TOGO colonial regime, and at a point of our exchange, he disdainfully joked that the people of Togo are ‘flee-ards’, meaning it’s enough for the regime soldiers to boo the protesters that they would run away in panic leaving the streets empty.

In the years 1990s, I was among the students who protested the colonial regime unsuccessfully. Hearing that Officer statement got films of how we were dispersed back to my mind.

We were cowards. We ran away once the soldiers would boo at us. And I think most of the protesters were killed and wounded running away, making themselves easier prey.

Recently, the TOGO regime developed a more sinister tactic to break protests. According to their theory, once their soldiers would kill one or two children during a protest, even if the kids are not related to the protests, the protest movement loses momentum and breaks down, because parents instinctively would exert pressure on their kids not to go out.… Read more

Africa SHOULD be Recolonized

Yes, Africa SHOULD be Recolonized, But this time by us, Africans.

To be African nowadays in Africa is to be an outcast.
If you worship our ancestors and practice Vodun, you demonized
If you keep your natural hair and dress african, you are ridiculed
If you speak and write in our mother languages, you look uneducated
If you cook and eat african meals, you are a poor man
If you defend Africanity, you are scaring foreign investors,

It’s now estimated that only 5% of Africans would proudly declare, they are lucky to be Africans and embrace with integrity the heritage left to us by our ancestors.

You see, when I’m saying Africa should be recolonized, I mean, the 95% of Africans who are now lost to alien cultures should be recolonized in order to come back to our culture. That is it.

How would this be achieved?

Before answering that question, let’s ask how did they got colonized in the first place to abandon their languages, their hair, their dress, their food, their manners?

By force, by deception, by propaganda, by corruption, and by seduction.

Those methods are proven to be effective, why then to reinvent the wheels my brother!?… Read more

On Privacy

How denying privacy to a person is the highest form of domination and control, and how denying privacy to a country is the highest form of imperialism.

Three months ago, I received two guests in my town. They came a long way from America and wanted to have a chat.

We met at the Rock Hotel, on the top of the mountain, sat for coffee on the second floor  terrace with a breathtaking view of the small town of Atakpame.

The conversation was lively, and at a moment, one of the guy said, ‘tell me what is the biggest problem facing your country or Africa?’

That was an all season question, vague, out of context, and any response could be convincing enough.

My response was simple but unexpected. I said, ‘the biggest problem of Africa right now is the lack of privacy. The lack of privacy to introspect. The lack of privacy to reflect. The lack of privacy to heal. The lack of privacy to unleash her imagination. The lack of privacy to set her agency…  Without privacy, nothing else is possible.’

The rest of our conversation was about that response.

It’s not obvious for many how privacy affect us as humans.Read more

Who am I?

A lamb decided to go live among wolves.
From the wolves land he wants to work to free his fellow lambs from wolves.

Why don’t you come to live among the lambs to free them?

I can’t, life is so miserable in lambs land, life is better at wolves land. But from wolves land I’ll free you fellow lambs from the wolves domination.

Who am I?… Read more

Nollywood is an enemy of Africa

Nollywood is an enemy of Africa.

That Igbo movie industry is anti African.

Their movies have only one goal spread hate against African culture and promote Christianity.

Recently I learned that the producers receive lot of money from local and foreign Christian extremists and fundamentalists to insert and promote anti African culture and heritage scenes in their movies.

Like advertisers pay to insert advertising in movies.

Nollywood is a shame for Africa.

Hollywood and Bollywood are used to promote and project the best in American and Indian culture. Nollywood instead is used to shame, denigrate, destitute African culture.

I hate Nollywood.… Read more

A leader is a dealer

A leader is a dealer.

He makes deals for living
A deal makes two or more people agree and do things.

Closing deals everyday is the hallmark of great leaders.

If you are not making deals, closing deals every other day, you are not a dealer.
Without deal’s skills you are unlikely to become a leader, let alone a good one.

What deals have you closed this week?
What deals are in your pipelines?
Do you carry a list of deals you have to close?
Are you honing your dealing skills?

Deals make you a leader
You lead by making deals.

The more deals you close, the more valuable you become.

Those without intentionality have no clue life is all about making deals with friends and enemies.

You have to make or kill deals intentionally, purposefully if you wish to become a leader.

What deals had you made this week?

A leader is a dealer. Every other day.… Read more

Germans Genocidal Hypocrisy

No one should fall to the empty and unsincere demand of pardon by Germany for the extermination of the Nama and Herero people in Namibia.

In 1902, the Nama and Herero were 40% of Namibia population. After the German genocide, they are now only… 4%… of Namibia population.

The descendants of the German terrorists in Namibia who did the genocide still keep the land of the Nama and Herero, and the economical assets they benefited from the genocide.

The only true demand of pardon should be ALL the land to be returned and a perpetual genocide tax on German descendants in Namibia.

Who care about empty verbal demand of pardon!?… Read more

The enemy from inside

The biggest enemy of our progress is the current African elite.

Who are they and how to recognize them:

1. They have achieved a social status by association with the colonial apparatus. It means if we will ban English or French in Africa tomorrow, they will lose everything including themselves. If you’d ban the import of foreign milk, coffee, soap, they will fight us, because they prefer everything that is not local. They have turned our alienation into a social status. Not speaking our languages, not dressing African, not eating African, not building African, not dancing African,… all mean you have moved to a higher social status. Not being or looking African physically and culturally is viewed as better and more desirable way, and the petty elite represents that model.

2. They believe in white superiority and black inferiority. They live in Africa but just like the British colonizers did. From their house to their garden, they eat, dress, talk, behave like white. They only thing that reminds them their africanness is their skin color, otherwise they are ‘white with black mask’, like Frantz Fanon put it.

Why don’t they reject their skin color? Simply because it is profitable. It gives them the mask necessary to identify with the masses, otherwise Africans had already rejected white colonialism.… Read more

Village Boy Joy

Village boy!

That’s how my friends affectionately call me.

The reason why I chose to live in countryside is because I want to be able to speak my mother language most of the time. 99% of the time.

I’ll speak colonial languages only when I have to deal with the colonial state apparatus here.

I’m depressed when I have to interact with any fellow togolese in French or any other colonial languages. It makes me sad, uneasy, hollow.

I feel good when I talk to people in my language, and the only place I could do that is in the countryside.

In Lomé the capital, endlessly people trap you in the colonial languages. I hate that.

Slowly, with group of friends we are doing our mother languages only whatsapp groups and social gatherings. You pay a $0.20 fine for every foreign words used during the conversation.

Furthermore, we are lobbying for making mandatory learning of any togolese language before a foreigner would get residence permit.… Read more