A Continent for the Taking

There are currently two weak continents for the taking: Europe and Africa. Men on these two continents became so weak and passive that scavengers and barbarians are already on their soils, and many more at their gates. A friend of mine told me recently, “I’m afraid for Africa”. She is a white female European. She […]

Bugs in your Mind

There are a lot of known bugs in human body and psyche. Some of these bugs could be patched by humans themselves, but many could be fixed only by the designer of humans. Unfortunately, we don’t know the designer home address, and there is no suggestions box to report those bugs. However, knowing these bugs […]

Africa in the Short Term

The short term future of Africa is bleak. We got the choice between building an egalitarian society or a class society. We rejected the egalitarian model and chose the class society instead. The current lullaby of Africa rising is in fact the emergence of a despicable class society where a minority is taking home all […]