Behavioral Inheritance tax

There are ways of speaking, sitting, looking, acting, reacting, that are inherited from childhood. Some are lucky to be born in families that left them with behaviors that create a virtuous circle around them. They’ve got a great behavioral inheritance. Some are totally unlucky, they inherited behaviors that create a negative loop in a vicious […]

Tribalism is dead, long live Tribalism

The invention of the tribe called ‘white people’ had helped Europeans unite globally beyond their previous tribal affiliations. Another successful invention of a new tribe is the one called ‘middle class’. It happens when people inside an economical group have more in common to defend than their affiliation to a traditional tribe. Economical tribes come […]

Rules for Men

Don’t speak while standing. Or very little. A wise man don’t do business while standing. A man don’t talk to his children, his wife while standing. Don’t stand up when you are angry, upset, or restless. Speak only with your eyes when standing. Do your talk only while sitting. Following this simple rule will bring […]

Ancestors… ancestors …

Our ancestors were defeated and humiliated. We are the consequences of their defeat, their weakness, and their failure to defend the continent. Why all the praise and prayers to them? Bla-bla-bla, they fought, they did their best. But let’s recognize at the end of the day that they lost and our lands were conquered, and […]