Bugs in your Mind

There are a lot of known bugs in human body and psyche.

Some of these bugs could be patched by humans themselves, but many could be fixed only by the designer of humans. Unfortunately, we don’t know the designer home address, and there is no suggestions box to report those bugs.

However, knowing these bugs is very important, because human hackers could easily use them to exploit you or take advantage of you.

Billions of dollars had been spent to discover bugs in computers in order to be able to spy on you, and on foreign countries and citizens.

What most people don’t know is that much more money is spent every year for discovering or implanting bugs in human body and mind in order to be able to remotely control them, or take advantage of them.

A sales woman was always top seller in a shoes shop. Her secret is simple. When she is helping men try their shoes, she would knee close and face up the client and ask “How do you like it?”

Most men would get out of the shop with new shoes. Some return to the shop just to try shoes. 🙂

A 38 years old man in Lome has a lot of friends.… Read more

Abstraction for Dogs

(How to explain abstraction to a dog… If it doesn’t work, try this on a human)

“Do you know what is a dog?”

“Of course, I know a dog. What a stupid question!?”

“What comes to your mind when you think about a dog?”

“A beautiful labrador, in a green field”, she replied.

“Well… But all dogs are not labrador!?”

“There are of course a lot different dogs. I can not think about all of them at once.”

“Well… So *a* dog does not exist!?”

“Don’t bug my mind, dogs exist. We have one at home.”

“Well, I’m now going out to look for a dog which represents all dogs”

“You are crazy. Dogs don’t elect a representative. They have no Parliament. So how one could represent all dogs from all countries and all species”.

“OK, OK, you got me. Dogs representative is only in the dictionary. I’d like to meet the author of the dictionary, may he has met the dogs’ representative a long time before we were born.”

“You are wasting your time. Let’s go have sex. It’d be more fun.”

I accepted the proposal.

(Philosophical Promenade, by the Oracle of Tado).

Like Nietzsche put it, abstraction gives the illusion of knowledge but stands for simplification of reality with the purpose of control and power.… Read more

Slave Names and Christian Names in Africa

Few centuries ago, when European terrorists capture people in Africa to sell into slavery in Europe or America, they mark their skin with hot iron, either to claim ownership or distinguish them from others.

Later on the way, the process evolved to making ID cards for the slaves and their families with the name of the owners. From that moment, the slaves carry the European terrorists names.

When slavery was transferred to African soil with a nicer name ‘colonisation’, the European terrorists introduced the same rite of naming conquered and colonised Africans with European names.

Suddenly Africans now have very awkward, ugly and bad sounding names like Victor, Étienne, James, Jennifer, Humphrey, etc. It was very funny to hear an African president presented himself as ‘Jonathan Goodluck’

Some Africans continue to carry their slave marks or colonized status when they have such names.

The Catholic church went further to force all converts to colonial religion Christianity to take a slave master name, called Christian names.

The new hot iron on your skin is your slave or colonial name.

Tough Africans fought hard to end physical slavery and Colonisation, they still have to wish to end the mental slavery and colonisation.

I visited a cemetery this morning, even in the graves some Africans are still marked with their slavery names.… Read more

Racism and “The first African to …” lexicon

The first parrot to sing in English.
The first monkey to learn the alphabet
The first cat to dance flamenco
The first black to behave like a white award.

I’m always sad when I see posts like ‘first black to…’ behave or did something white had been doing, but never heard about ‘the first white’ to eat Jollof, to write in Yoruba awards, etc.

Most Africans are awarded prizes for acting like whites, and they are happy.

The French went further to have award for ‘monkeys writing in French language’ and next to it an award for ‘black people writing in French’.

I heard the British had monkeys literature prizes for Africans writing well in English.

What about the first african to clean his ass with toilet paper?

Stupid Africans!!

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Individual evolution and collective evolution

  1. The study of evolution as science is often focused on one side of evolution, the individual evolution which means how individual animals, including humans, under the contingency and randomness of their environment adapt or fail to survive.

The side of evolution that is often overlooked is the collective evolution, which means how species as a group cooperate to face collectively contingencies and randomness in their environment.

The lessons learned so far from both evolutions is that individuals which optimize their chance of survival selfishly are more likely to survive and eventually thrive. The keyword here is selfishly. As individual, you better be selfish to optimize your chance of survival. Reason why selfish people are more successful.

However species which cooperate more intensively to face as a group contingencies and randomness have higher chance of survival for their individual members and thrive over much longer period. As individual you better live in a cooperative species, because you chance of survival is higher and your offspring have much higher survival chance.

In plain words, if you are selfish you are more like to succeed as individual, however your species or tribe won’t thrive if all of its members are like you. Your species will be weaker and be prey to species or tribes which are more cooperative or more benevolent.Read more

Why Are African Americans so Vulnerable?

It’s not because you are unlucky, born orphan and handicapped that the laws of gravity stop applying to you, or you get a waver.

Indians in America have the country India as a backing nation.

The Chinese have China.

The Russians have Russia.

The Turks have Turkey.

Armenians have Armenia.

Mexicans have Mexico.

The Arabs have Umma.

The backing states actively intervene in the organization, leadership and the infrastructure of their minorities in the USA, regardless of the fact that they are American citizens.

Do African Americans have any backing country which would stand for them, flex diplomatic strength on their behalf, or take retaliatory actions when necessary?

Does any backing state intervene in the organization, leadership and infrastructure of African Americans?

When was the last time a nation state stood singlehandedly for the African Americans?

Any minority needs a patron with enough power to protect it from abuse in a foreign land.

The persistent vulnerability of African Americans in the United States has a lot to do with the simple fact that they could be abused without fear of retaliation or economical consequences!

The African Union is not a strong enough institution to play that role?

Which country in Africa could play that role?Read more

Matriarchy: a Come Back

In a self sufficient society, women are more affluent, therefore matriarchy.

When a society is confronted with scarcity, Men become more affluent as war is required to conquer new territory for survival.

Patriarchy is the offspring of scarcity, and matriarchy is only possible in abundant society.

Women want peace. It gives them more power. Men need conflicts and crisis to give a meaning to their life.

Constant wars, conflicts, and crisis are necessary for patriarchy to survive. Most men don’t feel alive if they are not into a battle.

Patriarchy is under threat all over the world. Men are therefore restless. Many conflicts in the world could be considered desperate attempts to save patriarchy, or at least to justify it.

A long period of peace is a threat to patriarchy, as defeated nations men also lose their patriarchal status.

Nevertheless, there is a spiral dynamic on the way, as we are currently witnessing few countries entering a new matriarchal period after centuries of patriarchy.

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In one of my most recent piece about witchcraft, I explained how objectifying others would instantiate powerful forces in your mind and body, enabling you to overpower people and circonstances.

Refer to that post to learn more about what is witchcraft and its operational experience.

This post is about the best part of witchcraft which is how to render yourself powerful by objectifying yourself. The idea is to bewitch yourself which means putting yourself under your total control.

The self bewitching process is as simple as taking yourself as an object of curiosity or study you can play with or enact for specific purposes.

When someone says ‘I’m a lion’, he has just objectified himself to emulate the powers in a lion. When the ex president of Benin, Mathieu Kerekou, saw himself as a chameleon, he molded his spirit in the attributes of a chameleon, and that served him very well during his long political career.

Countries also bewitch themselves by choosing an animal as their spiritual guide. The American eagle, the German eagle, the Russian bear, the Kenyan lion, the Australian kiwi, the Congolese okapi, the Danish Swan, the Mauritius dodo are examples of nations trusting their character and projection to some animals.… Read more

What is witchcraft?

Have you ever wondered what is witchcraft?

If you are interested in witchcraft I’ll try in this short post to explain it to you in a way that separate superstition and mysticism from the true core of witchcraft.

In all societies, past and present, there is witchcraft. Some societies have more witches than others, and some families more than others.

It’s easy to acquire witchcraft if you are born in a family where there are already witches, or in countries where the practice of witchcraft is pervasive like in China, Japan, Russia, England or Germany.

Wherever the topic of witchcraft is raised, it triggers fear and rejection because people with witchcraft often have access to powers that are very strong, but more importantly witchcraft works by objectifying everything including humans, suppressing emotions from normal interactions.

By now you are wondering, when would I end up telling you what is witchcraft.

Here we are.

Witchcraft is the ability to use multiple screens while interacting with the world. The basic level of witchcraft is when a person would actively be talking to you but still using another screen in his mind thinking or visualizing other realities or plotting moves to entrap you.

Simply put, a witch could be here with you, talking to you, while simultaneously screening inside his mind parallel events or planing ahead moves to overpower you or get ahead.… Read more

On Privacy

How denying privacy to a person is the highest form of domination and control, and how denying privacy to a country is the highest form of imperialism.

Three months ago, I received two guests in my town. They came a long way from America and wanted to have a chat.

We met at the Rock Hotel, on the top of the mountain, sat for coffee on the second floor  terrace with a breathtaking view of the small town of Atakpame.

The conversation was lively, and at a moment, one of the guy said, ‘tell me what is the biggest problem facing your country or Africa?’

That was an all season question, vague, out of context, and any response could be convincing enough.

My response was simple but unexpected. I said, ‘the biggest problem of Africa right now is the lack of privacy. The lack of privacy to introspect. The lack of privacy to reflect. The lack of privacy to heal. The lack of privacy to unleash her imagination. The lack of privacy to set her agency…  Without privacy, nothing else is possible.’

The rest of our conversation was about that response.

It’s not obvious for many how privacy affect us as humans.Read more