European cast system

European caste system

Don’t call it racism. Call it European caste system. Like in India.

There is nothing scientific about race.

If race was a uniting factor, Europeans shouldn’t be slaughtering each other in the millions every other generation.

What most don’t know is that Europeans have killed each other more than they have killed any other populations.

If race would be uniting factor, Africans won’t be killing each in the millions and the African Americans won’t be killing each other that much.

If race was a uniting factor Arabs won’t be killing each other so much, praying the same God inside the same religion.

If race was a uniting factor Chinese won’t have killed each other so much during the cultural revolution.

We need to stop the illusion of a skin color or race uniting Africans. It won’t happen but would deserve us.

People respond to better incentives than race or skin color. We need new ways of directing our efforts.

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