Ancestors… ancestors …

Our ancestors were defeated and humiliated.

We are the consequences of their defeat, their weakness, and their failure to defend the continent.

Why all the praise and prayers to them?

Bla-bla-bla, they fought, they did their best. But let’s recognize at the end of the day that they lost and our lands were conquered, and our inferior status in the world is in part because of their defeat.

From that acknowledgment, we could move forward and ask the question what should we do ?

We should spend time and resources to examine thoroughly the following five points:

1. Why our ancestors during the last 2000 years lost all their wars against their adversaries?
2. Are 2000 years of repeated defeat a sign of an inherent inferiority, or caused by other things under our control?
3. What were the strategies and tactics used to beat our ancestors and now us, their descendants?
4. What are the cases studies to illustrate the usage of winning strategies against us, and how did we fail to see through and failed
5. What are the things, others populations which found themselves in similar situations did to revert their fate?

Without spending enough resources to understand why and how our ancestors failed , and why and how we as their descendants are still failing, most of our liberation wishes are doomed and the African race would be failing for the next 1000 years.

Failing to thoroughly study our past failures and defeats, and actively researching our liberations strategies, the descendants of Africans might end up genetically modified to be eternal inferior servants to all other races.

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