Illusion of knowledge

There is public knowledge and there is private knowledge. Very much as there is public wealth and there is private wealth.

In a world where private wealth surpasses by folds public wealth, one must deduct that private knowledge is far superior and surpasses by more folds public knowledge.

The best knowledge warehouses are private, guarded by hundreds of men with guns in addition to access codes and physical barriers.

For exemple, I have some knowledge I’d never put in public because they are private assets.

Furthermore, a lot of knowledge is generated through interaction between knowledgeable people. Interaction fertilizes and fructifies knowledge.

People learning mainly through books are behind those who learn through interaction with others.

If you have no way to access private knowledge (knowledge locked behind heavy doors), public knowledge might give hints about how much knowledge is out there, but you are having an illusion of knowledge. You still have active interaction with knowledgeable people to access private knowledge.

Public knowledge like public wealth is very limited. Oh Shit, most states are in debt to the private sector!

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