Tribalism is dead, long live Tribalism

The invention of the tribe called ‘white people’ had helped Europeans unite globally beyond their previous tribal affiliations.

Another successful invention of a new tribe is the one called ‘middle class’. It happens when people inside an economical group have more in common to defend than their affiliation to a traditional tribe.

Economical tribes come on top of the traditional tribes.

Tony Blair, the British war criminal, is adviser to my country government. The main pillar of his advisory work is to make PowerPoint presentation showing the growth of a middle class as the main tool for long term prosperity and faster economical development.

The main recommendation is a quote from Deng Xiaoping ‘getting rich is good’. The government therefore should help the emergence of a middle-class by letting people get rich without looking too closely.

Now, if you are Togolese, the best time to cook the system to become rich is now. The state wants you to become rich.

According to liberal theories, a modern economy needs a social class more loyal to making money, than loyal to a place of birth, a country, a tribe or nation. A universal tribe united by money!

Economical tribes are the new social construct, liberals are pushing in our countries as substitution to traditional affiliations.… Read more