sleep deprivation

The rational mind and sleeplessness crisis

The most invisible symptom of modernity is sleepless nights.

More and more people are losing their sleep. Even here in Africa, the sleeping continent.

Some sleep only for a few hours a night. Some only one or two hours. Some sleep only until 2am and then nothing.

There are lot of studies on the global sleep crisis. But most ignore the biggest culprit: rationality or modernity.

People who heavily rely on reason to manage their life are doomed to lose their sleep.

The biggest flaw of a rational mind is the will to be in control and to have everything under control, imposing time constraints on everything.

Unfortunately, the rationality mind is very limited in its ability to do so, and goes into overheating, leading to headaches and sleepless night, and fragmented memory.

Unlike her twin sister, global warming, the global sleeplessness crisis is receiving less attention and suffering is very private affecting the quality of life of billions and destroying couples.

If you are having sleepless nights, you are not alone. Every other person in your city is having sleepless night too. It’s a pandemic.

There are drugs to help but they only work for some time. Because, Sleeplessness is a lifestyle disease.… Read more