Behavioral Inheritance tax

There are ways of speaking, sitting, looking, acting, reacting, that are inherited from childhood.

Some are lucky to be born in families that left them with behaviors that create a virtuous circle around them. They’ve got a great behavioral inheritance.

Some are totally unlucky, they inherited behaviors that create a negative loop in a vicious circle around their life. They are constantly met with failure regardless of their efforts and goodwill. They are barely aware why they keep failing or struggling. They’ve got a bad behavioral inheritance.

The first group of people succeed almost effortlessly while the second is hindered regardless of their efforts.

Now, …

Imagine, boys who have never had a father figure in their life but have to assume a father figure role when they got kids. They’ve got no model in mind nor experienced the exercise of a father figure. They’ve got no behavioral inheritance here.

They desperately look up to books on parenting and hearsay, and often struggle very much at their fatherhood.

Imagine girls who grew up with their single mom, whose values were fierceness, independence, impertinence, forcefulness, defiance… all values which are adaptive behaviors to cope with raising kids alone.

Those girls might grow up taking those values as normal behaviors for a woman even when they wish to build a normal couple. Unfortunately they would fail, because those behaviors would constantly antagonize their partners.

Our behavioral inheritance could be a great asset or a burdensome liability.

Behavioral inheritance most important areas are:
– body language
– How to speak according to circumstances and get your way
– Purposefulness in life
– How and when to subordinate
– How and when to lead
– How to fight in public and in private
– Sacrifice to bear with
– Money and career
– …,

It’s important to take an account of your behavioral inheritance and consciously chart our own special life. Otherwise you’d are on autopilot to repeat the life of your parents.

Behavioral Loops are almost destiny.

They are difficult to break if they are negative, and also difficult to lose if they are positive.

We mostly inherit our place in the world. Please leave a great behavioral inheritance to your progeny.

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