The old man and the colonial expert

When I was about 14, I witnessed something.

Father took us in his countryside Peugeot 404. We used to go to farm over the weekend. That day, we made a stop at a farmers forum conducted by a government agent.

He was speaking in French and a guy was translating into ewe. He was a kind of local figure because of his command of French language.

He could speak ewe but if he would do, he would lose his high social status reserved to the ‘educated’ ones.

His main role was to advice farmers to grow cash crops like cotton and sell fertilizers and insecticides to the farmers.

During the forum, a farmer asked a question about maize and beans. From there, hell had fallen on the government agent.

He tried to answer in French but quickly ran out of words, then he started to mix French and ewe. Everyone was confused. Finally he switched to ewe, and everyone started laughing.

The guy was supposed to be agriculture expert, but when it comes to how to grow and care about the people food crops, anything he was saying made no sense to the audience.

In the end, he stopped the embarrassment asking an elder in the audience to help.… Read more

Bartering Ledgers: New Financial Order

You missed the point.

Do you know why white countries are attacking China for her African deals?

Most of you think it’s because of Africa rising debt levels or Chinese growing political influence.

Nan. Those are minor points in the big picture. African total debt is less than the money white countries spend to feed their dogs and cats. And when it comes to political and cultural influence, white countries completely dominate the African scene. Not much to worry about.

The real worry comes from the parallel financial instruments China is putting in place, to circumvent the white financial systems.

China is doing bartering with Africa. China will build roads, railways, airports, etc in Africa in exchange of natural resources like bauxite, iron, phosphate, etc.

If you’d take the most recent deal of 60 billions dollars, if that money would have gone through the white financial banks and instruments which currently trap the continent, China and Africa would have paid over 5 billions dollars in transactions and settlement to Europeans banks and middle men.

Beyond what is fairly a small amount of money, the new ledger instruments China is putting in place are very interesting to observe like the Medici ledger system of Florence in the 16th century grew up to become the financial tool of the emerging Europe from dark age.… Read more

Calabash Bombs

This was the way…

I descend from the royal medical corps of the Benin empire court (current day Edo state in Nigeria).

My ancestors fled when the British terrorists attacked the walls and burned everything down in 1897.

Benin empire (not to confuse with current day Benin or Dahomey kingdom) was one of the rare African Kingdom which refused to get involved in the capture and sales of people to Europeans. They have built a huge wall to protect the Bini people.

Benin also refused Islam and Christianity, as the Bini mythology and rituals are far superior and more elaborate and knowledgeable than the foreign religions.

Benin Kingdom houses had tape water, street lights, fractal city design, guild of art, craftsmanship, masonry long before many other civilisation. It was one of the most advanced civilisation untouched by slave trade and colonialism until the end of the 19th century.

They have to resist attacks from Northern Islamic tribes, and that’s the topic of this post.

I will share with you two weapons my fore grandfathers had designed for the city protection.

First the bees calabash. Hundreds of calabashes were designed to host nest of bees. In time of peace, the bees produce honey, however in time of war, the calabashes of bees are thrown as target bombs on the invaders down the walls.… Read more

Pedophiles Heaven

If you are pedophile, you better become a Catholic priest.

The Catholic Church is the best protection and a good defender of pedophiles worldwide.… Read more

Europe, A place of no Hope

Seriously, for Black people, Europe is a place of NO HOPE.

Europe has never produced a single black billionaire.

All black billionaires are from Africa or America.

I wonder if there are even black decamillionaires in Europe.

All black Nobel prize winners are either from Africa or America, except one.

Beyond their bright and colorful dress, most live in European ghetto houses, holding the lowest status jobs despite their diploma or impressive academic records.

If black Diaspora in Europe never amount to nothing except in sport/music, why do Africans go or stay there?

Even worst, the small number of Africans who achieve a little bit in Europe are Africans born in Africa before moving to Europe. Africans born in Europe have very low education level and even do worst than their parents born in Africa.

What could be a solution for the black Diaspora in Europe?

If you are African, smart, and not afraid of challenges, move back to Africa.

Africa is not easy, but after 3 years of focused effort, you will achieve more than all your 10 or 20 years at that place which is structurally hostile to black people and anti-black achievement.

When I visit Europe, some time, I go back to my room to cry.… Read more


Did you know that the name ‘England’ was given to the country by one of its invaders.

The country now known as England was inhabited by a family of tribes later named as Celts after the Romans invasion.

The anglo-saxons invaders, themselves later beaten by the Normans in 1066 now control most the country resources.

952 years later, in 2018, 25% of Oxford and Cambridge graduates have Normans names. And the lands and elite are still in the hands of the same.

Contrary to popular belief, the world belongs to those with guns and those who are physically and ideologically aggressive . Not the singers, book readers, diploma holders and intellectuals.

The same invaders would later go beat the Spaniards and the French to occupy the country now known as United States of America.

So much as history repeats.… Read more

We need a formidable enemy

We need a formidable enemy.

A man without enemy is a mediocre man.

A country without enemy is a dominion.

An inferior enemy makes you inferior even if you win.

A capable enemy makes you great once you start fighting them.

We need a formidable enemy more than formidable friends.

Enemies are reliable. Friends are less.

Those without enemies, those with small enemies are nothing, and would amount to nothing.

If you don’t have an enemy, make one or name it.

Like someone said a friend is someone who has the same enemies as yourself.

Which country is the enemy of your country?

Do you have good enemies?

If not, your life is mediocre, but you don’t know that.… Read more

I hate those who protest

I hate those who protest.

Give a blow or a poison.

Those who made protesting their business would never amount to anything great.

That huge energy spent in protesting should be diverted into maneuvering (if you ever know what that word means).

Protesting is for black people, the world weakest and poorest people.

You don’t want to be black.… Read more

Democracy: National cold war

Democracy is possible only in countries with a large aristocratic class.

Democracy is not for people earning their lives from wages. If you are poor you better live in China than in India.

Democracy is the cold war between factions of local aristocracy. Because each faction is strong enough to disrupt social order and cause chaos, which only profit the poor.

Aristocrats hate disorder, chaos. They have too much too lose. While benevolent dictatorship or generational chaos are the ways to shake social structures and give chance to more people.

When it comes to election, the aristocracy has all the tools to give the illusion of choice.

Democracy is for cold war. But cold war is possible only when every party has too much to lose to start a war. They prefer unsatisfactory current situation to unpredictable change.

In countries with so many people who have nothing to lose, democracy would only add to current chaos and misery.

For the current global aristocracy, exporting democracy is a way to keep current world order intact, with the same people at the top.… Read more

Dead hero or loud outsider

You can not become a good African leader. You’d be celebrated only if you are dead hero or a permanent opposition.

Why? you asked

Our current states are set up in ways to be a continuation of colonialism, the only thing that changed is that rented black faces and mouths had replaced the white colonizer.

Instead of fighting the white, you fight your own African brother, while the white are chuckling in the back office.

In you’d refuse to run it as a colonial farm, you’d be killed, physically or morally. You become a dead hero. Reason why most African heroes are failed dead folks.

If you make a career out of criticizing the colonial farm and the handlers, you’d be famous with a cheering crowd. However, once you’d get into power, your fate would change dramatically. You’d join the traitors list, puppets in suits, or incapable leaders, because the system as it’s won’t let you do any wanted change.

The choice is either you run it as colonial farm or you are crippled to powerlessness.

Is this too subtle to understand?

Here in my country, people want change. A lot. However any new leader would be a huge disappointment, because the system will beat them.… Read more