Behead the corrupt politicians

I don’t know what the people of Mali are waiting for to behead in public the corrupt politicians!?

At least 3 public officers and politicians should be hanged every month for corruption,

5 police and military officers executed by firing squad every month for corruption,

For at least 10 years,

To end corruption in Africa. At least to curb it .

Without death sentence, corruption would not end here but continue to destroy our countries.

Corruption in countries like Ghana is killing thousands of people every year. In Nigeria it’s killing at least one million person a year.

Don’t come talk to me about human right for criminals whose actions are killing millions of Africans.

Without a war on corruption and daily public execution of corrupted officials, our continent has no future.

Corruption is killing us. Let kill the corrupted.

The hanged men should be left to the view of the public for 3 days, and the bodies fed to birds and crocodiles. The execution should be public where all Local public Servants have to attend.

Let’s kill the killers, and fuck the outcries!

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