Kids success at school

It’s often that people think kids success at school depends on the quality of the schools infrastructures and the qualification of the teachers.

Unfortunately, that’s a very limited view of what makes children to succeed at school.

A school with basic infrastructures and moderately qualified teachers but in a suburbs with strong families, would turn out outstandingly successful kids, while a school with high end infrastructures and top qualified teachers but in a suburb with broken families would fail your children.

For examples, it’s very rare for African children born in France to succeed at school. It’s very rare to see any of them at university level, let alone graduating. Most of the successful Africans in France are Africans born in Africa, who grew up in Africa, then moved later to France for studies. They are the engineers, the doctors, the scientists, the researchers, the writers, etc.

My wet tongue conclusion observing kids success is that family is the most important. School quality only comes third, after community support and values.

African kids in France have access to first world school infrastructures but most fail. Why? Because Most African families in France are broken, while in the same country and neighborhoods, the Asian kids outperform every other races.

Without a healthy and strong family, inside a supportive community, access to shiny schools with top notch teachers won’t change much to the fate of the kids.

Promoting family values, promoting community values are the foundations for better schools for kids success.

Unsurprisingly, The decline of education output in African contrasts with the continuous improvement of school infrastructures and teachers training. Why? Because of the decline of The African family.
The African family is breaking down and our communities have lost their identity and values.

Any country which wishes for a quality education like in China should first focus on promoting family and community values.

Shiny building and well paid teachers, only come third in the education success of kids.

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