Raising the African Child to Conquer the World

This post is for African parents who believe Africa need great rulers to free our continent and go on to conquer the world with our humanist values

Dear African parents,
You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. We however have something in common. We are Africans, and we have children to raise.
As Africans, we look around and we can’t fail to notice how our status in the world is low, very low. Our continent is occupied by foreigners who dictate our conducts, exploit our people and resources, humiliate us. We have very bad leaders with little ambition to lift us from that shithole.

It’s possible the change we wish for would not happen during our lifetime, and as many before us, you and me would die bitter, frustrated as conquered men living in vassal states.

Is that a reason to turn pessimistic and give up on the dream of our fathers and mothers to see Africa roaring back, powerful and respected, feared and loved, independent and forceful?

NO. Repeat after me. We won’t give up.

We have the responsibility to keep the light of our freedom alive. We have the duty to keep the spirit of our coming back alive. We need to seed our future by talking our children into believing in our dream of a powerful Africa, free of foreigners’ colonization, with the mission to civilize the world with our values.

That responsibility falls on you and me, and here I’d like to share with you the kind of talk you should have with your kids as early as possible with the single goal to make them become the rulers of the world of tomorrow, freeing our continent and making it the best place on earth to live and die.

Here below are 14 points to consider.

#1. Make time to talk with your children
Create opportunities to seed your children with a sense of purpose in life, but more importantly the purpose of becoming king, queens, leaders, rulers of tomorrow.

Here is a list of opportunities you could create:
– Attend coronation, investiture events with your kids and have detailed talk about it afterward. In the end of the talk, look sternly into their eyes, and tell them they will be one day be the ones to be coronated, they will be the one sitting on the throne, and ruling this country and beyond.
– Bring them to civil case in court, and if the age is appropriate, bring them to criminal cases. Afterwards, use the opportunity to read the civil code, or the criminal code, and with the help a friend lawyer, get your kids to learn the laws of the country and the sophistry of social discourse.
– Bring them to place where foreigners are ruling our economies, and exploiting our resources. Get them to see how behind the scene the xenocraty (the rule of foreigners) is making us minions in our lands and degrading our dignity. Afterward, tell them the stories about how after centuries of occupations, the Europeans successfully expelled the moors and the Arabs from their countries, knocked out the Ottomans, how the Chinese and the Asians learned to make their society impermeable to foreign hacking. Tell them, they have the responsibility to break that xenocraty.
– Bring them to the slums, to the most destitute places in the country, and afterwards make them to understand why these people live in poverty.
– Bring them to military parade and shows. Get them to understand the importance of force. Force is more important than intelligence and explain them why all respected nations are nations with powerful military. Teach them how Nkrumah, Olympio, Lumumba, Sankara, were victim of force because they failed to understand the importance of self-protection.
– Bring them to Cell towers and explain them why they are there. Use the opportunity to teach them about espionage, spying and how privacy is important to a ruler
– Bring them to see the foreign embassies of the USA, the UK, France and use the opportunity to explain to them how they work and their role in our domination.
– Buy maps, physical maps and teach your kids to read maps, and focus on history of evolution of maps and lessons to be learned regarding politics and rulership
– Homeschooling: make it your duty to have at least one formal session of two hours a week for your kids education. Don’t be the lecturer, but your kids. Give them assignment or ask them to talk about a topic they love. Help them prepare their presentation and give them a board to present in front of the whole family. Repeat and improve until they love it and beg for more.
– Watch selected list of movies and comment afterwards. Do simulation of decision making and also simulation of attacks from enemies and how to react properly

#2. Recognize our defeat and its consequences
Tell your kids that Africans have low status in the world simply because you were defeated and we are still under colonization.
Tell them defeated people and people whose civilization had been interrupted and alienated never develop.
Tell them we were defeated because we were weaker than the invaders.
Tell them we were defeated because they invaders played on our greed and selfishness.
Tell them we were defeated because we failed to regroup and give it a second chance.
Tell them the enemy just won the first part of the war, but the second part is our responsibility to fight and defeat the enemy.

Here, the best way is to use history of civilizations and nations which were conquered by were determined to revenge the shame of their defeat and succeeded to overcome their enemies. History abounds of cases to use.
Infuse a fierce determination of liberation into them.

#3. Create the dream
People are driven by their goals and purposes.

First, tell them in very solemn and convincing way that their destiny is to become rulers in this world. The ones who command things, not just hired puppet of foreign interests. Use creative visualization to make them see themselves in the throne and commanding men and women to build a powerful Africa.

Second, make them see the place of Africa in the world under their rulership. Let them visit African troops deployed in Paris to help maintain the local government. Let them see foreign leaders bowing in front of them because of the grandeur of their country.

Third, make it more concrete with transformative ideas about the future of our people with culture, science, technology, excellence, virtue and beauty. Learn about creative visualization and immersive virtual reality and use them to develop their mental power of to fantastic levels.

Make them love beauty. Beauty leads to greatness!

#4. The dark side
Power is important for transformation, but power require acknowledgment of the full spectrum of human nature: the light and dark side. Both should be embraced and used properly.
Here, books, movies, podcast, music on strategy, politics, are the most useful, but also case studies and simulations.

#5. Hunting
Hunting is a war between wild animals and humans. Wild Animal lost this battle a long time already and humans came on the top. Instead of war, we now talk about hunting, the same as instead of colonization we now talk about Aid for Africans.

Get the contact of a local hunter or gun club and bring your kids for observation and eventually to training. Go to collective hunting. Get your kids to shoot and kill, and bring back prey they enjoy. The meat tastes better to them and they would encode the spirit of preying.

5. Networking
In isolation nothing would ever be possible. Get your kids to go out and meet, see, people, poor and rich. Expose them to all kinds of people, from the powerful to the witches, from the rich to the slum hustlers, from the vodun priest to the wicked priests and pastors. Afterward, go through a feedback session, with lesson to be learned.

6. Dress
When going out, dress your kids in ways that make them look outstanding and destined to rule. Put symbols and signs on their dress that intrigue and trigger respect and acknowledgement of exceptionality.

7. Proverbs and protocols
A man speaks more in proverbs. Starting your sentences with appropriate and powerful proverbs, or inserting mind framing quotes in between argument transfer the authority of tradition to your point of view. For your kids to learn to use proverbs, they should see you using them or bring them to visit the elders.
Install protocols at your home and get them to learn worldly protocols for social interaction and leadership.

8. Habituation to criticism
The greatest psychological weakness of Africans is their inability to stand criticism, opposition without losing temper and acting in ways that distract them from their strategic goals.

Cultural reasons might explain that high sensitivity to criticism, opposition or confrontation, and bad jokes. It’s easy to destabilize an African and detract him: Just hit him with a well-aimed blow of criticism, and you’d reduce him into predictable behaviors detrimental to his goals and growth.

For people aspiring to be ruler, that’s very bad character trait. You kids should learn early in life to cope with opposition, criticism, confrontation while keeping face, keeping eyes on their strategic intent, and going over emotions that might detract or distract.
You don’t choose your opposition nor people you’d be dealing with, therefore persistent self-leadership under stress and high emotion, is a paramount skill to have.

Here are a few ways to get started:
– Hold self-awareness sessions with you kids, where they get to know more about who they are and how they react under various circumstances, with feedback and help from other members of the family.
– Listen carefully to your kids when they report incidents of fight and quarrels from schools or elsewhere and help them decode why they’ve reacted in such ways and how they might better cope with such interactions
– Do simulation or red-team ops with your kids to tests their real capacity to cope with opposition, criticism, etc.

9. Leadership position
Get your kids to take leadership positions early in life, like at school, at the boys’ club, the local association, or the international association. Leadership is a difficult skill to learn, and most of it comes from practice and being open to feedback and learn fast.
Make time to ask them about their leadership challenges, and give them ideas and tools to lead effectively.

10. Wordy wisdom
Being smart with words is a top skill to have. Dedicate a huge amount of time to teach your kids how to speak well, to speak with precision or humor, to speak to rally and advance their agenda.
Not only speaking but also writing. There are great books and movies to learn the art of lively conversation. The trick is to teach your kids to think fast, creatively, and memorize hundreds of speaking formulas for lively and interesting conversation with top tier peers.

11. Boldness, position and takeover
To rule, one should be humble, learn quickly, and be bold in action. Learning to feel the fear but move forward, put oneself at the front is very much the character of rulers.
Teach them how to give effective orders, how to command people and how to get people to obey.
Above all, teach them how to deal with friends when losing, when winning, when leading.

12. Codes
Privacy and hidden communication are important for leadership. Have fun with your kids creating codes to communicate secretly either through body language, writing, speaking, etc. Kids love codes and secrets, play on that early to get them to learn things only your family members know how to decode. There are books to help.

13. Spirit and mysticism
The rational mind is very important for social interactions. Mysticism is however more important for personal strength and growth. Create fantastic stories about your kids’ destiny and how things have been revealed to you about how great they would be in life, how they have been chosen to rule, and how their destiny would manifest.

Plan a tree where their placenta have been buried. Alternatively, create a statue of them where the placenta had been buried.
Dress them like king and queens, leaders and frame large photos of them to put into your room.
Life without mysticism for kids or adults is a poor life.

14. Life is a game.
Do all these at the best you can, but the bestest way is to do all this while still having fun and happiness in the family.
Take the kids out for fun activities, play, singing, dancing, laughing, etc. They are kids remember.

Not everything could be written here. The most important is the will to raise future rulers. Your name would last for eternity as a reward to caring about our continent to regaining its position in the word as a powerful and humanist continent.

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