Debunking a Dangerous idea: Africa Unity

The dream of little schooled African man is to make Africa to become like Europe or America. In his little skull of colonized man, deprived of agency, mimicking the master, he supposedly fought to get independence, is seen as his future.

Europe has European Union; therefore, Africa needs Africa Union.
America has the United States of America; therefore, little African man want United States of Africa.

You see, little African man, doesn’t think by himself, he imitates the master, he copies the master in hope to become like the master one day.

Therefore, the very idea of African Union or Unity is not the little African man one, but a thoughtless impulse to copy what the master is doing.

My goal in this article is to debunk the idea of a necessity of an African Unity.

Let’s start from the beginning, “Why do you want Africa unity?”

So called panafricanists would say, because Africa has been divided by the colonizers and needs unity to become strong.

“Are we weak because we are divided?
When was the last time we were united and were undefeatable?
Do you mean were united before colonization, but the white came and beat us, and divided us, and now we want to go back to before colonization and become stronger and defeat the whites? LOL

“Do you have any examples in recent African history, where Africans were united and won a war or something major?
Most independence movements were fought and won inside each colonial fraction of territory and most succeeded with the support of foreigners, mostly “non-black” countries.

You see, the idea of Africa unity is not even based in any tangible historical reality nor reflect how history had unfolded universally.

1. All world borders are colonial borders.
They are legacies of wars, conquests, agreements and negotiations. No exception.
Africa current borders are colonial like any others, therefore there is nothing special about them. We have to do with them like they are and they are definitive for a long period of time, until new colorizations (internal or external). Trying to alter borders is a very dangerous idea.

2. Strong nations, countries defeat their enemies, not a unity of weak countries. Since 1948, Israel has been defeating united Arabs countries, some years in just a few days. Arab being united did not prevent their defeat. And, that would be the fate of the Africans.

3. Even if African are united, they would face others already united people. The stronger will win, not the mere fact of being united gets you to win. Unity is not the solution, strength is the solution. Unity of the weak give them illusion of strength until the first blow!

4. It’s a historical lesson learned that the weak should never imitate the strong he wishes to fight. Therefore, imitating those we want to fight, who were united long before us, is just plain stupid and immature idea.

In conclusion, I found that the primary justification of African union flawed and immature.

Now let’s take the case of the European Union the little schooled African man wants to imitate. What was its justification?
“Peace”: Build co-prosperity platform to avoid the repetitive wars between the different European tribes.
That goal was grounded on their reality after the second world war, and the expected outcome was clear enough for everyone.

Now ask any so called panafricanist, what is the goal of Africa unity, and you have a litany of goals which vary from one to another depending on the kind of cannabis they have smoked or the kind of Sodabi they have taken.
You end up more confused than before asking. They could not say anything simple enough for you to go back to your village and explain that to your grandparents who would excitedly say ‘That’s f..king cool’.

The failure of proper justification of the idea of Africa unity and the lack of a clear, simple, shareable goal, make the whole thing very dangerous.

Why is Africa unity idea dangerous?
Unity means to become one, making separate entities to become one, to act like one and to be governed by like one.

The sheer size and diversity of Africa make the idea of making it become one, act like one, and governed like one, something that would come out of the mouth of people who are under some drugs or from complete idiots.

First questions, “what do you want to unite? What are the pieces or entities?
The colonial countries or the differences ethnic groups?
You said the colonial borders are not meaningful and should be scrapped, and tribes are dangerous because they create divisions between Africans, right?
If not colonial countries, not ethnic groups, then what would you create the African unity with?
If you’d say the colonial countries, do you mean to dissolve them?
Oh, you mean a federation of African countries? With a continental president?
Fantastic, that’s very original.
Let’s wish your dream become true, what about the risk of a continental president? What would happen if there is a coup d’état?
What if the USA invaded and capture the president?
Would that mean pawning just one person would be enough the pawn a whole continent?
Easy prey we would become!
Look how the Africa union has been pawned by the Chinese, the Europeans and the Americans, and stopped serving African people.

For a continent full of weak, greedy, alienated men with very dubious allegiance, a united states of Africa with a continental president would be the dream of all those who want to recolonize Africa.

Beyond colonization, it’d be the destruction of our culture and identities. Look how the Africa union has all foreign languages as official languages.

Our survival will be in total danger in so many aspects. We need instead a fragmented, decentralized, and diverse Africa, with myriad of small autonomous communities, reinforced and empowered, with power close to the ground, to the people, and an overall framework that limit central power to only a few things.

5 Responses to “Debunking a Dangerous idea: Africa Unity”

  1. felix Sefa

    Food for thought. Set the scope for further studies.
    Great. Thanks

  2. Isaz

    Disagree unity is the key but with equal partnership. Rome united Europe. The Gauls Germanic tribes Celtics I’m sorry but some tribes gotta go. We failed to unite a long time ago or never had the chance

  3. Onitaset Kumat

    Very silly article.

    Unity is strength; like each twig is weaker than a bundle.

    Using real numbers, countries like Burkina Faso are 19m in population while countries like China or India are 1.4b and 1.3b respectively.

    If the people of Burkina Faso must negotiate with China then who walks out of the negotiation with the better deal?

    The idea of further dividing Africa fails to understand that there’s an outside united world which can use Africa’s disunity against her. Your idea that Africa was united before Africa was colonized was ass backwards. Africa was disunited.

    If you look at actual history, Africa had empires that resisted the Arabs up until they made technological advances in addition to their unity under Islam. These same Arabs that united overcame Europe. Technology and science are one of the key aspects of strength but even that is better facilitated in unity. The example of Burkina Faso can repeat. It’s better for a larger population than a smaller one to be scientifically advanced and militant.

    Overall, this poorly written article and ill conceived idea has some potential but I suggest you read some real Pan-African Nationalists, so you can advocate actual solutions instead of whining incoherently to promote Africa going backwards.

    Anyone interested should know I wrote “The Book of Power.”

  4. jeanbonkar

    I’ve never dream of whole african united
    1_A united Africa can’t be like United States of America , meaning a group of english colonial states in America ! If possible , an United Africa must be a confederal state of ethnic groups
    2_I reallly prefer the idea of different big federal states of Ehtnic group
    The exampke toyou take show that you don’t know the real historys of Africa….Actual Burkina Faso was more or less a part of the Mali(ùande) Empire , wich contain Senegal , Burkina Faso , Mali and Niger..All these colonial territories were called French Sudan by the french and were’nt indivud=idual states but somethink like colonial”departements”…ans so on !! By the way , i don’t think that boundaries drawn without sensses by white colonialist who think blacks were animals must no be compared with inner white or asiatic history.

    You can have a Bantu federal state , and a Akan federal state etc….


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