Africa union

Debunking a Dangerous idea: Africa Unity

The dream of little schooled African man is to make Africa to become like Europe or America. In his little skull of colonized man, deprived of agency, mimicking the master, he supposedly fought to get independence, is seen as his future.

Europe has European Union; therefore, Africa needs Africa Union.
America has the United States of America; therefore, little African man want United States of Africa.

You see, little African man, doesn’t think by himself, he imitates the master, he copies the master in hope to become like the master one day.

Therefore, the very idea of African Union or Unity is not the little African man one, but a thoughtless impulse to copy what the master is doing.

My goal in this article is to debunk the idea of a necessity of an African Unity.

Let’s start from the beginning, “Why do you want Africa unity?”

So called panafricanists would say, because Africa has been divided by the colonizers and needs unity to become strong.

“Are we weak because we are divided?
When was the last time we were united and were undefeatable?
Do you mean were united before colonization, but the white came and beat us, and divided us, and now we want to go back to before colonization and become stronger and defeat the whites?… Read more