Poverty is Political

Poverty is political. It’s not a technical problem, nor a mental disease to be cured.

The poor don’t lack electricity because electricity technology does not exist, and the know-how to bring it to them unavailable.

The poor don’t lack clean water because clean water technologies do not exist, and ways to bring water to them are unsolvable challenges.

The poor don’t lack access to hospital and good nursery because the world lack knowledge about how to build hospitals and good nurseries.

The poor don’t lack access to good education because the world don’t have enough teachers and lack the knowledge in building good schools.

The poor don’t live in indecent ‘houses’ because the world don’t have knowledge in how to build decent houses.

The poor lack access to all above and more because someone had decided to deny them access, or a system in place made sure the poor are not provided for.

Poverty is a resource allocation problem. Poverty is more an injustice issue, not a technical or mental problem.

70% of African population live in villages, and are farmers, but less than 15% of our States budget goes to rural areas needs.

63 people in the world have more wealth than the rest of the humanity. That wealth serves to nothing more than helping their small ego feel worthy of praise and admiration from the poor. That’s all.

However, keeping so much wealth in few hands, deny so many the ability to access human dignity.

NGOs solutions to poverty is comical in all senses. NGOs take money from those responsible for world poverty to tell the poor to calm down with a small borehole here for water problem, a crappy school for the poor children’, a power generator only for night lamp, hand solar light, etc. In summary they delay the real and more permanent solutions, and entertain the poor with empty hope.

In the end NGOs keep the poor in poverty.

Poverty is political. It’s not a technical problem, nor a mental disease to be cured.

If you wish to end poverty you have to go into the place where decisions are made about how to allocate world resources. You have to go into politics and ban the churches which continue to rob the poor in daylight.

If you are poor or underprivileged and you avoid politics for whatever reasons, then you have renounced your right to improvement. You are doomed because only politics could save you.

Reason why everything is done to de-politicise the masses.

Don’t talk politics is the new commandement.

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