Power Respects Only Power

During slavery, there were lot of people protesting. Regardless of their protests, slavery of Africans lasted over 300 years.

During colonisation, there were lot of people protesting it. Regardless of their protests, African direct colonisation lasted 200 years, and still is going.

Why did those protests fail?

Powerless people making moral noises and calling to ethical values had never stopped people in power to do what they have to do in their interests.

Power respects only power.

Get a life, and stop itching people ears with your powerless declaration. Pity seeking, victim porn, and fist in the air are for noise makers.

Seek power by all means possible then you’d be listened to, preferably feared in the first place.

We Africans are currently a protected class. We have been victim to so much and to everyone that we now have a worldwide monopoly on victimhood.

We are so weak and so easy to abuse, to the point that without that protected class status, we would be done with easily. We currently need that status.

If you touch an African, regardless of the reason why, our protected class status makes everyone see instantly the African as the victim.

That status allows us to behave in ways that would not normally be tolerated but we could get away with that, because every one knows that dealing directly with us might trigger condemnation and accusation for abusing poor Africans!

The victimhood status is, You know, like at home, that little one who always cry hysterically when you deal with them, to the point the parents would shout on you without even asking what happened in the first place.

The little one is a protected class. He has monopoly on victimhood, and what ever happens between you and that little one, you are wrong and would be shouted on before been listened to.

That little one become aware of his special status and abuse it. They cry loudly playing the victim status every time, even when they know they are not right. They cry to be right.

Fortunately, in healthy families, gradually parents scrap the little one protected status to let her face the reality of the world, to grow balls.

Currently we Africans have that protected class status with a worldwide victimhood monopoly. And we seem to enjoy it, even abusing it childishly.

If Africans are hurt, like the parents with the little one, the international association of defense of protected classes, declare Africans the victims without even asking what happened in the first.

Emotional outburst and victimhood literature so pleasant to the ears of the little one, is played loudly to the satisfaction of the knighted victim.
A throne is erected for the saint victim to stay, receiving cajoling words until the wind turns and the case passes.

Unfortunately for we Africans, there is no one out there to scrap our victimhood status and sternly tell us to face the world with balls. Only we could do it for ourselves.

Instead, We are complacent enjoying the protected class status, which unfortunately keeps us to where all little ones stay: under everyone else.

Our victimhood pornography should stop.

Like mature parents, make it a principle to always get at the bottom of each case to understand it before abusing the negro international victimhood status.

We should be careful at taking pleasure in the throne of victimhood granted to us because our history.

We have to scrap ourselves that protected class status, by working hard to become the equal of every other human on earth.

Otherwise in a century or more we would still be here, asking for favors, crying for compassion on little us.

Justice is possible only between equals.

We urgently need to give up on the victim porn (centering our lives around victimhood narratives) and the myth of Angel Africans (Africans are better and morally superior to everyone else).

We fell short in the global arm race and were defeated. We are paying the consequences of our defeat.

Once we would catch up on the arm race, we will recover. It’s just a matter of guns.

You cannot own something you cannot defend. A weak animal attract predators.

Once we would be back on our feet, they would disappear.

Our enemies won’t help us get back on our feet. Stick that in your children mind.

We are suffering from our weakness.

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