Entrepreneurship Redefined

Entrepreneurship means organizing to access wealth and power.

In a peaceful society, the best entrepreneurship for anyone is marriage.

Developing character, attitude, know-how, manners to marry a person from an already wealthy and powerful family is the best entrepreneurship.

For a man, being genetically lucky, being good looking coupled with humility to let women from wealthy families to choose you, is the best entrepreneurship.

For women, being genetically well endowed, knowing the difference between a weed seller with flashy lifestyle and a man from a wealthy family, and not being mindless and a loud speaker, is the best entrepreneurship.

Second to marriage, joining a political party is the best entrepreneurship decision. The shortest path to wealth in less than a generation is joining modern gangs groups called political parties.

Being bold, ambitious, good tactician inside a well established political party opens you to a lot of opportunities to become wealthy and connected.

Third is joining the managerial class. The managerial class is the economical gang group or mercenaries used by the wealthy families to organize the precariat workforce to extract profit, while enjoying themselves bonuses.

To join the managerial class you might be endowed with a functional sociopathy, and the skills to get people to work hard for your wealth accumulation. In summary the managerial class is like the political gang skills applied to economics while keeping a straight face.

The fourth best entrepreneurship is to become a famous writer or an artist. Art is a royal path to wealth and affluence. A best seller book, a hit song, great satire skills… are things that break must faster the curse of poverty. Sport too.

The fifth best entrepreneurship is Starting a business. Here there are two levels: middle class business ideas (restaurant, small retail shop, earth moving, consulting, etc.) and industrial business (manufacturing, logistics, financial institutions, trading, etc.).

Why am I writing all this?

There are lot of fake self development books abusing the gullibility of the precariat.

A study shared with me by a friend said that 94% of people die in the social class they are born into.

If you are born into the precariat or the middle class you are likely to die in the precariat or in the middle class, unless you marry into another class or you are successful in the top 5 entrepreneurship I’ve mentioned above.

94% of people born into wealth will die wealthy.

The hard numbers of social mobility contradict the scam literature of the self development business touting falsehood like everything your mind could conceive and believe you can achieve it’! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

If you are currently in the precariat and dream of improving your conditions and hopefully change social class, marriage into a wealthy family is your best option, followed by joining modern gangs group (political parties and the managerial class), then art/sport and when all above failed you start your business (but much stressful as you die younger).

Good luck to you!

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