Why Are African Americans so Vulnerable?

It’s not because you are unlucky, born orphan and handicapped that the laws of gravity stop applying to you, or you get a waver.

Indians in America have the country India as a backing nation.

The Chinese have China.

The Russians have Russia.

The Turks have Turkey.

Armenians have Armenia.

Mexicans have Mexico.

The Arabs have Umma.

The backing states actively intervene in the organization, leadership and the infrastructure of their minorities in the USA, regardless of the fact that they are American citizens.

Do African Americans have any backing country which would stand for them, flex diplomatic strength on their behalf, or take retaliatory actions when necessary?

Does any backing state intervene in the organization, leadership and infrastructure of African Americans?

When was the last time a nation state stood singlehandedly for the African Americans?

Any minority needs a patron with enough power to protect it from abuse in a foreign land.

The persistent vulnerability of African Americans in the United States has a lot to do with the simple fact that they could be abused without fear of retaliation or economical consequences!

The African Union is not a strong enough institution to play that role?

Which country in Africa could play that role?

Ghana is happy to collect billions of dollars from the African Americans when it come to marketing them for tourism and business, but the Ghanaian government would go silent when African Americans face police violence and killing in America.

Nigeria seeing Ghana collecting billions from the African Americans, has started last year a program to attract tourism and investment from African Americans, but like Ghana, Nigeria would go silent when African Americans needs a nation state to stand for them.

Zimbabwe, Guinea were the most recent brave countries who would stand out to call for justice for African Americans, but those countries had be pawned recently by neocolonial elites.

Beyond searching for a backing nation state, the most important question is why any African states don’t see African Americans as an African diaspora to stand for?

In contrast, the same countries are brave enough to stand to the USA, China, South Africa when their nationals are victims of violence or discrimination.

We have seen that recently with the cases of discriminatory event in China and South Africa.

What could trigger emotional links between the African states and African Americans?

Should African Americans chose arbitrary one African country and declare their ethnic or tribal affiliation to that country, working to be recognized as on official ethnic group?

If so, what would be their identity ? They could not say we are the black ethnic group in Africa. That’d be laughable! Everyone is black here. They need an different ethnic group name what could it be?

The ‘African Americans’ tribe in Africa?

That would be even more laughable because the hyphen identity would trigger the question ‘what does the American in the name means?, ‘is American represent the white culture side of their identity?’.

Furthermore, the African part of their name would not make anymore sense because all tribes in Africa are obviously African. So, the only part left distinctive of their identity is ‘American’.

Would their tribe be called ‘Americans’ in Nigeria or in Ghana? What if a white American would come to Nigeria would they be able to join their tribe?

Indians in Kenya had petitioned and obtained the status of official indigenous tribe of Kenya. They did not call themselves Kenyan Indians. They are Indians in Kenya. They keep their Indians culture, their names, festivals and pour that in the Kenyan tribal salad.

What would be the ‘African American’ culture, names, religion, festival they would bring into their newly adopted countries?

By now, I hope you understand how much semantics is very important, and how without semantic clarity, confusion arises and disorder spreads.

In summary this post is first about African Americans patronage by African states and second about how this link could be build based on a clarified identity of the African Americans.

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