Matriarchy: a Come Back

In a self sufficient society, women are more affluent, therefore matriarchy.

When a society is confronted with scarcity, Men become more affluent as war is required to conquer new territory for survival.

Patriarchy is the offspring of scarcity, and matriarchy is only possible in abundant society.

Women want peace. It gives them more power. Men need conflicts and crisis to give a meaning to their life.

Constant wars, conflicts, and crisis are necessary for patriarchy to survive. Most men don’t feel alive if they are not into a battle.

Patriarchy is under threat all over the world. Men are therefore restless. Many conflicts in the world could be considered desperate attempts to save patriarchy, or at least to justify it.

A long period of peace is a threat to patriarchy, as defeated nations men also lose their patriarchal status.

Nevertheless, there is a spiral dynamic on the way, as we are currently witnessing few countries entering a new matriarchal period after centuries of patriarchy.

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  1. Elena

    Great article. Very inspiring and thoughtful. Thank you so much


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