In one of my most recent piece about witchcraft, I explained how objectifying others would instantiate powerful forces in your mind and body, enabling you to overpower people and circonstances.

Refer to that post to learn more about what is witchcraft and its operational experience.

This post is about the best part of witchcraft which is how to render yourself powerful by objectifying yourself. The idea is to bewitch yourself which means putting yourself under your total control.

The self bewitching process is as simple as taking yourself as an object of curiosity or study you can play with or enact for specific purposes.

When someone says ‘I’m a lion’, he has just objectified himself to emulate the powers in a lion. When the ex president of Benin, Mathieu Kerekou, saw himself as a chameleon, he molded his spirit in the attributes of a chameleon, and that served him very well during his long political career.

Countries also bewitch themselves by choosing an animal as their spiritual guide. The American eagle, the German eagle, the Russian bear, the Kenyan lion, the Australian kiwi, the Congolese okapi, the Danish Swan, the Mauritius dodo are examples of nations trusting their character and projection to some animals.

When you’d visit a true shaman, seeking fortune, he would first try to find out which animal is inhabiting you or get you to adopt one that would open doors to you.

A very popular objectification process of people is through modern astrology which clusters people and identify them with zodiac signs in order to help them understand themselves or predict their future.

When you’d use a zodiac sign to represent yourself, you are activating an objectification process.

The objectification process does not need to be limited to animals. Some identify to winds, some to rocks or mountains, some to trees like sequoia, iroko, or kosso (rosewood), and other to colors (red army, red China, blue blood, pink gay, …)

Some would identify with only one object, but it’s possible to vary the objectification through a cycle like the Chinese years choosing every year a different guiding animal for the people of China.

Personally, every year I choose a symbol which would guide me throughout the year.

Year 2017 was my year of the Eagle.

It means to soar high enough to have a top view, a clear perspective of my condition, the one of my family, and the one of my communities.

The year 2018 was my year of the Ant.

From the macro perspective to the micro one on the ground, I focused on building a resilient community with organization and discipline where everyone finds a place.

My symbol for 2019 was the Hippopotamus.

The Hippo is a very cool animal but an endangered species in Africa. As symbol the Hippo is a very territorial animal, with powerful effective stealth defense mindset. If need to be, the Hippo charges only to win.

For this year 2020, my symbol is parasite: toxoplasma.

Toxo is a unicellular parasite with a level of intelligence superior to most humans when it come to organizing to get result. For example, toxo reproduces only in the gut of cats. To get into the stomach of cats, toxo would infect mice, migrate to their brain, then alter their brain chemistry removing mice fear of cat, even making mice to be attracted to cats urine and feces. The lack of fear of cats make infected mice physicality attracted to cat which would then easily prey them. Toxo, one inside the cat gut reproduces and exits through it feces and infect new mice.

I’ve been choosing a symbol every year for over a decade now.

The first year was the year of the Fly.

This choice stemmed from a scientific experiment where they put a few flies in a transparent bottle, and a few bees in a transparent bottle, in a dark room, then they reversed the bottles turning the bottom to the light, and the exit onto the dark room.

Both the flies and the bees want to exit the bottle and reach light, but to exit they have to go back to the darkness to find the bottle mouth.

At the end of the experiment, most flies found the bottle mouth and exited, but all bees died in the bottles.

Why did all the bees died and most flies escaped.

Flies would swerve, fly into all directions, erratically, going right left, North, South, and randomly would find the bottle mouth and voilà.

Bees instead are very rational animals. They see light at the bottom of the bottle and they see no logic, no reason, to fly backward or waste time going around.

I chose flies as symbol that very first year because I felt stuck in my life and needed an exit but I didn’t know where the exit was.

Like the flies in the experiment I swerved, leveraged serendipity and randomness of luck for my salvation.

It was an amazing year of self search and discovery. To sprout and produce, the seed should go back to the dirty, black and wet soil.

Then the second year, my chosen symbol was the bee, which means once I’ve found my path, I needed to act like a bee, which means been focused, unidirectional, disciplined, undistracted by equally appealing causes I may encounter.

My third year was the year of the spider, the fourth the year of the peacock, etc.

Picking a symbol to guide my upcoming years has brought very much good experience in my life.

Self objectification goes also beyond modeling on animals and parasites.

Another powerful objectification process is to look at your brain like if it was a tool like any other, a hammer or a computer, you just need to learn how to use to get results. That slight shift in perception would help you take control brain powers you never were there. The trick is to continually learn how to use it like you learn how to use your your fingers to catch or your feet to run.

Another way to objectify your body is to make your mind see your body like if you were another person: like seeing yourself laying on the bed sleeping, while you enter the room. Train your mind to visualize your whole body or part of it on your inner screen and further examine the body as a doctor checking how healthy you are. That process could even help you identify pains and diseases in your body long before any symptoms.

As you have understood by now, bewitching yourself through self objectification is a powerful way to awaken the genius inside you or your kids if you’d teach them that witchcraft.

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