What is witchcraft?

Have you ever wondered what is witchcraft?

If you are interested in witchcraft I’ll try in this short post to explain it to you in a way that separate superstition and mysticism from the true core of witchcraft.

In all societies, past and present, there is witchcraft. Some societies have more witches than others, and some families more than others.

It’s easy to acquire witchcraft if you are born in a family where there are already witches, or in countries where the practice of witchcraft is pervasive like in China, Japan, Russia, England or Germany.

Wherever the topic of witchcraft is raised, it triggers fear and rejection because people with witchcraft often have access to powers that are very strong, but more importantly witchcraft works by objectifying everything including humans, suppressing emotions from normal interactions.

By now you are wondering, when would I end up telling you what is witchcraft.

Here we are.

Witchcraft is the ability to use multiple screens while interacting with the world. The basic level of witchcraft is when a person would actively be talking to you but still using another screen in his mind thinking or visualizing other realities or plotting moves to entrap you.

Simply put, a witch could be here with you, talking to you, while simultaneously screening inside his mind parallel events or planing ahead moves to overpower you or get ahead.

A low level witchcraft would be able to use 2 to 3 screens simultaneously. Advanced level could stage up to 5 or 7 screens.

By screen I mean a clear visual stream like a tv screen one would view in their mind. The events screened could be passive or projected.

Such witchcraft might be referred to as high intelligence, and is very much useful to society.

The tricky or scary side of witchcraft however is the activation process of the superior visualization, multithreaded screening mind. The activation requires the witch to look at humans like if they were objects like anything else. Low level witches for example would visualize a fellow human as an animal, and as such would psychologically overpower them.

A witch would look at a fellow human like one would look at a goat or a chair. Often, the witch look comes with pity, condescension, disdain, superiority making fellow humans as powerless and easily manipulated.

Such look makes witches instantly very powerful, extremely powerful, activating in their body and mind superior processing and kinetics powers that would never be available to normal people who look at fellow human with the social abstraction of humanity.

Kids born to parents who have witchcraft would learn it the same way they learn their mother language. The mimic their parents’ look, or acquire the modality as their parents would often use animal names to designate those they interact with.

The superior powers comes just from the objectification of other humans, which trigger higher visualization and computing powers in the mind.

When white people treat Africans as monkey, that’s a witchcraft activation process that instantly give them power over Africans. It works. When the Nazi call Jews animal names, or the Hutu name Tutsi by animal names, they activate their objectification making it easier for them to overpower them.

If you want to change your perception of someone like for example your boss, just use your creative mind to imagine him like a small creature on a table, then quickly cover him with a small transparent glass jar. Now imagine him with a tale like a mouse, with part of the tale outside the jar. Hold the part the tale outside the jar and look at him begging you to let him out freaking out. Start laughing at him, and from then on you’d never be afraid of your boss anymore. You can do that with anyone who intimidate you.

People are afraid of witches because the powers they acquire from objectification of other humans could be easily used to hurt as witches don’t have anymore a normal perception of human and do not value other lives as much.

They could easily kill or hurt without much ability to perceive why their action are disapproved. That perception of witchcraft is very predominant in Africa, and since colonial religions like Christianity came here.

Witchcraft is negative when the acquired powers are used to hurt others. Witchcraft is very positive when it gives rise to genius in art, science, technology.

In fact anyone could become a witch. The process is simple, and with the right guide, one would easily switch on and off the witchcraft powers, in order to use them only in the right context while having a normal life inside the social abstraction of good and evil.

Now, let briefly talk about how the visualization and computing of witchcraft works.

As humans, our main source of conscience stimulus is visual perception. There is a constant image stream reaching our mind. Some only has one screen to process all the incoming visual stimuli. But it’s possible to split the image stream onto a few screens actively accessing them simultaneously or switching from one to another.

Let me show a simple way to activate a second screen in your mind while keeping reading this article. As you are now starring at this screen reading these words and you expect me to tell you how you can keep reading these words and in the same see in your mind the building of your primary school or see a picture your mom face in your mind, or the Eiffel tour or the American flag. You see those images came to your mind while you still was reading these words.

The biggest takeaway from this quick introduction to witchcraft is to help you demystify it and more importantly not to be afraid of what is witchcraft but instead embrace its parts that might help you access deep human powers already inside you.

The second takeaway is that you can help your kids develop multi screens visualization and computing capabilities with simple creative visualization exercises. Your kids would become very smart.

The objectification process doesn’t need to be induced by committing crimes (killing, violence, drugs) like it sometimes done. It could easily be learned with a push button. That’s the witchcraft of witchcraft.

The same exercises could be used by adults during meditation and future forecasting games.

Contrary to popular perception, Africa is the continent with the less witchcraft; for the simple reason that we have sanctified human, therefore unable to activate the objectification process necessary to access witchcraft.

  1. If you have any questions, ask me below and I’d try to develop any part that is not clear or detailed enough.

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