A leader is a dealer

A leader is a dealer.

He makes deals for living
A deal makes two or more people agree and do things.

Closing deals everyday is the hallmark of great leaders.

If you are not making deals, closing deals every other day, you are not a dealer.
Without deal’s skills you are unlikely to become a leader, let alone a good one.

What deals have you closed this week?
What deals are in your pipelines?
Do you carry a list of deals you have to close?
Are you honing your dealing skills?

Deals make you a leader
You lead by making deals.

The more deals you close, the more valuable you become.

Those without intentionality have no clue life is all about making deals with friends and enemies.

You have to make or kill deals intentionally, purposefully if you wish to become a leader.

What deals had you made this week?

A leader is a dealer. Every other day.

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