Nollywood is an enemy of Africa

Nollywood is an enemy of Africa.

That Igbo movie industry is anti African.

Their movies have only one goal spread hate against African culture and promote Christianity.

Recently I learned that the producers receive lot of money from local and foreign Christian extremists and fundamentalists to insert and promote anti African culture and heritage scenes in their movies.

Like advertisers pay to insert advertising in movies.

Nollywood is a shame for Africa.

Hollywood and Bollywood are used to promote and project the best in American and Indian culture. Nollywood instead is used to shame, denigrate, destitute African culture.

I hate Nollywood.

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  1. TAHARKA Black

    *Indeed, Christianity-judiasm and Islam has always been a tool to bemuse-distort and dehumanized the principle of afrikan history…. *


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