Germans Genocidal Hypocrisy

No one should fall to the empty and unsincere demand of pardon by Germany for the extermination of the Nama and Herero people in Namibia.

In 1902, the Nama and Herero were 40% of Namibia population. After the German genocide, they are now only… 4%… of Namibia population.

The descendants of the German terrorists in Namibia who did the genocide still keep the land of the Nama and Herero, and the economical assets they benefited from the genocide.

The only true demand of pardon should be ALL the land to be returned and a perpetual genocide tax on German descendants in Namibia.

Who care about empty verbal demand of pardon!?

One Response to “Germans Genocidal Hypocrisy”

  1. TAHARKA Black

    *Indeed, white people never forget nor never forgive. so why should We Blood debt must be pay in blood….!*


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