The tyranny of silence!

The tyranny of silence

Some say the poor are noisy.
They go live far away from noise.
Some say the poor speak loudly
They scold them for lack of manners
Some say the poor are splashy
They adorn immoderate sophistication

Yes the poor are noisy
A hunted prey scream when cornered
A man suffering would shout
A woman in pain would cry
A child in distress would whine

Isn’t that natural?

Noise is the infant of suffering
Tears are the canal of pain
Ugliness is the painting of poverty
Dirt is the face of hidden depression
Splashing around is a homelessness syndrome

The rich man wants silence
The law forbids noise
The police hunt down the noisemakers

Suffer in silence is the new rule
Don’t you know the rich are scared by noise?
Don’t you know noise spells revolution?
Who wants a revolution?

Such a peaceful city.
Such a calm town
Heralds the tourists guide book
Everything is clean and orderly
Such a pleasure!

Behind the walls of the calm city
Loneliness and depression prospers
Tears flow inward
Suffering has been privatized

If you have to suffer, suffer in silence
Don’t bother the world with your problems
Irresponsible and childish people!
If you can’t suffer in silence, hang yourself or take Prozac!… Read more