Things I witness with sadness

You see our government pretends to develop our countries and our leaders claim to work tirelessly for our population to get out of poverty and become rich.

How true is that?

In my country, every person with a little bit of money and social status is called ‘chief’, ‘boss’, ‘patron’, ‘amegan’, …

All day long, men and women on the street, in markets, at the office, at home call those people by heralding and lauding words.

Things those rich people have in common are, a big house, a successful business, notorious politicians, nice cars, or basically have enough money to buy influence.

During the last five years, I’ve been spending time a lot out of my town and got to sit in meetings with people who are very much wealthy and affluent.

Something disturbing I noticed is that they seem to hate or dislike the idea that more and more people are owning nice cars. Suddenly they are not alone above the mass in misery. They hate that more and more people build nice houses like them, making them just one among so many anonymous. They dislike the idea that more people enter the middle class and behave so independently, speaking loudly with personal opinion, instead of being the usual people who dare not to look them in the eyes, just listen to them deferentially and nod with smiles.… Read more