Things I witness with sadness

You see our government pretends to develop our countries and our leaders claim to work tirelessly for our population to get out of poverty and become rich.

How true is that?

In my country, every person with a little bit of money and social status is called ‘chief’, ‘boss’, ‘patron’, ‘amegan’, …

All day long, men and women on the street, in markets, at the office, at home call those people by heralding and lauding words.

Things those rich people have in common are, a big house, a successful business, notorious politicians, nice cars, or basically have enough money to buy influence.

During the last five years, I’ve been spending time a lot out of my town and got to sit in meetings with people who are very much wealthy and affluent.

Something disturbing I noticed is that they seem to hate or dislike the idea that more and more people are owning nice cars. Suddenly they are not alone above the mass in misery. They hate that more and more people build nice houses like them, making them just one among so many anonymous. They dislike the idea that more people enter the middle class and behave so independently, speaking loudly with personal opinion, instead of being the usual people who dare not to look them in the eyes, just listen to them deferentially and nod with smiles.

They won’t say out loud any of the above, but body languages and small comments, and subtle angers convey their sentiment and disappointment.

Who will call them ‘Boss’, ‘chief’, ‘Patron’, ‘Amegan’ if the people are all out of poverty, and they don’t need them as much, if they become so arrogant because they earn enough not to beg around them for crumbles.

A world without Boss, patron, chief, is a world they don’t want. They don’t want such a world. They hate not having servants, people who can’t speak back.

In my country, the current regime fears any native Togolese who is becoming very rich outside of their political affiliation. The regime prefer foreigners to be successful because they won’t represent a political threat. Togolese are better left poor to be under control and avoid regime change.

I shared my thoughts with a friend who agreed with my findings and asked ‘how are our own leaders then different from evil Europeans who pretend to help us develop?’

Europeans claim to want to help poor countries develop like themselves, but quickly turn against any poor country which really starts growing to the same level as them.

Why do they hate China? Isn’t China developing according to the world bank and IMF wishes?

We both concluded that humans are very selfish and competitive beings. They hate equality or coprosperity while pretending to work for it. Even inside families, people are jealous of others, and those who are already rich don’t like others to reach their level without animosity.

My deception is however that our own leaders hating our beloved people because they are doing better!

Are you a jealous person too? Do you need to be superior to others to feel worthy of love or attention?

Are there any countries where the leaders are happy their people are becoming richer and more independent?

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