Africa SHOULD be Recolonized

Yes, Africa SHOULD be Recolonized, But this time by us, Africans.

To be African nowadays in Africa is to be an outcast.
If you worship our ancestors and practice Vodun, you demonized
If you keep your natural hair and dress african, you are ridiculed
If you speak and write in our mother languages, you look uneducated
If you cook and eat african meals, you are a poor man
If you defend Africanity, you are scaring foreign investors,

It’s now estimated that only 5% of Africans would proudly declare, they are lucky to be Africans and embrace with integrity the heritage left to us by our ancestors.

You see, when I’m saying Africa should be recolonized, I mean, the 95% of Africans who are now lost to alien cultures should be recolonized in order to come back to our culture. That is it.

How would this be achieved?

Before answering that question, let’s ask how did they got colonized in the first place to abandon their languages, their hair, their dress, their food, their manners?

By force, by deception, by propaganda, by corruption, and by seduction.

Those methods are proven to be effective, why then to reinvent the wheels my brother!? They work !

The very first step would be to do a coup to take power, then swiftly clean the country from all those who benefit from the colonial apparatus in place, and fast forward to enact a shock therapy of detoxification of the minds.

The very second step is pure propaganda and dissuasive taxes on foreign religions with stringent accounting rules for foreign organizations with severe penalty for their violations.

The third step is to sacrifice chicken to keep in line the monkeys.

The fifth step is mandatory military service to heavily indoctrinate the youth and build national identity.

The last step would be seduction, which means creating spaces to make african culture appealing and attractive to the many.

That how we need to recolonize Africa. That recolonization would be done by us Africans. It would mean Sankara, returning to get it right, like the Italian renaissance, like the Spanish kick out of the moors, the Mao clean up, the German reformation, like European cast system, …

History is a succession of colonisations.

We have to recolonize Africa back to the original, the one our ancestors would be proud of.

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