14 African Countries Forced by France to Pay Colonial Tax For the Benefits of Slavery and Colonization

Africa-France-relationshipDid you know many African countries continue to pay colonial tax to France since their independence till today!

When Sékou Touré of Guinea decided in 1958 to get out of french colonial empire, and opted for the country independence, the french colonial elite in Paris got so furious, and in a historic act of fury the french administration in Guinea destroyed everything in the country which represented what they called the benefits from french colonization.

Three thousand French left the country, taking all their property and destroying anything that which could not be moved: schools, nurseries, public administration buildings were crumbled; cars, books, medicine, research institute instruments, tractors were crushed and sabotaged; horses, cows in the farms were killed, and food in warehouses were burned or poisoned.

The purpose of this outrageous act was to send a clear message to all other colonies that the consequences for rejecting France would be very high.

Slowly fear spread trough the african elite, and none after the Guinea events ever found the courage to follow the example of Sékou Touré, whose slogan was “We prefer freedom in poverty to opulence in slavery.”

Sylvanus Olympio, the first president of the Republic of Togo, a tiny country in west Africa, found a middle ground solution with the French.

He didn’t want his country to continue to be a french dominion, therefore he refused to sign the colonisation continuation pact De Gaule proposed, but agree to pay an annual debt to France for the so called benefits Togo got from french colonization.

It was the only conditions for the French not to destroy the country before leaving. However, the amount estimated by France was so big that the reimbursement of the so called “colonial debt” was close to 40% of the country budget in 1963.

The financial situation of the newly independent Togo was very unstable, so in order to get out the situation, Olympio decided to get out the french colonial money FCFA (the franc for french african colonies), and issue the country own currency.

On January 13, 1963, three days after he started printing his country own currency, a squad of illiterate soldiers backed by France killed the first elected president of newly independent Africa. Olympio was killed by an ex French Foreign Legionnaire army sergeant called Etienne Gnassingbe who supposedly received a bounty of $612 from the local French embassy for the hit man job.

Olympio’s dream was to build an independent and self-sufficient and self-reliant country. But the French didn’t like the idea.

On June 30, 1962, Modiba Keita , the first president of the Republic of Mali, decided to withdraw from the  french colonial currency FCFA which was imposed on 12 newly independent African countries. For the Malian president, who was leaning more to a socialist economy, it was clear that colonisation continuation pact with France was a trap, a burden for the country development.

On November 19, 1968, like, Olympio, Keita will be the victim of a coup carried out by another ex French Foreign legionnaire, the Lieutenant Moussa Traoré.

In fact during that turbulent period of African fighting to liberate themselves from European colonization, France would repeatedly use many ex Foreign legionnaires to carry out coups against elected presidents:

  • – On January 1st, 1966, Jean-Bédel Bokassa, an ex french foreign legionnaire, carried a coup against David Dacko, the first President of the Central African Republic.
  • – On January 3, 1966, Maurice Yaméogo, the first President of the Republic of Upper Volta, now called Burkina Faso, was victim of a coup carried by Aboubacar Sangoulé Lamizana, an ex French legionnaire who fought with french troops in Indonesia and Algeria against these countries independence.
  • – on 26 October 1972, Mathieu Kérékou who was a security guard to President Hubert Maga, the first President of the Republic of Benin, carried a coup against the president, after he attended French military schools from 1968 to 1970.

In fact, during the last 50 years, a total of 67 coups happened in 26 countries in Africa, 16 of those countries are french ex-colonies, which means 61% of the coups happened in Francophone Africa.

Number of Coups in Africa by country

Ex French colonies  Other African countries
Country  Number of coup Country number of coup
Togo 1 Egypte 1
Tunisia 1 Libye 1
Cote d’Ivoire 1 Equatorial Guinea 1
Madagascar 1 Guinea Bissau 2
Rwanda 1 Liberia 2
Algeria 2 Nigeria 3
Congo – RDC 2 Ethiopia 3
Mali 2 Ouganda 4
Guinea Conakry 2 Soudan 5
Congo 3
Tchad 3
Burundi 4
Central Africa 4
Niger 4
Mauritania 4
Burkina Faso 5
Comores 5
TOTAL (1 + 2) 45 TOTAL 22

As these numbers demonstrate, France is quite desperate but active to keep a strong hold on his colonies what ever the cost, no matter what.

In March 2008, former French President Jacques Chirac said:

“Without Africa, France will slide down into the rank of a third [world] power”

Chirac’s predecessor François Mitterand already prophesied in 1957 that:

 “Without Africa, France will have no history in the 21st century”

At this very moment I’m writing this article, 14 african countries are obliged by France, trough a colonial pact, to put 85% of their foreign reserve into France central bank under French minister of Finance control. Until now, 2014, Togo and about 13 other african countries still have to pay colonial debt to France. African leaders who refuse are killed or victim of coup. Those who obey are supported and rewarded by France with lavish lifestyle while their people endure extreme poverty, and desperation.

It’s such an evil system even denounced by the European Union, but France is not ready to move from that colonial system which puts about 500 billions dollars from Africa to its treasury year in year out.

We often accuse African leaders of corruption and serving western nations interests instead, but there is a clear explanation for that behavior. They behave so because they are afraid the be killed or victim of a coup. They want a powerful nation to back them in case of aggression or trouble. But, contrary to a friendly nation protection, the western protection is often offered in exchange of these leaders renouncing to serve their own people or nations’ interests.

African leaders would work in the interest of their people if they were not constantly stalked and bullied by colonial countries.

In 1958, scared about the consequence of choosing independence from France, Leopold Sédar Senghor declared: “The choice of the Senegalese people is independence; they want it to take place only in friendship with France, not in dispute.”

From then on France accepted only an “independence on paper” for his colonies, but signed binding “Cooperation Accords”, detailing the nature of their relations with France, in particular ties to France colonial currency (the Franc), France educational system, military and commercial preferences.

Below are the 11 main components of the Colonisation continuation pact since 1950s:


#1.  Colonial Debt for the benefits of France colonization

The newly “independent” countries  should pay for the infrastructure built by France in the country during colonization.

I still have to find out the complete details about the amounts, the evaluation of the colonial benefits and the terms of payment imposed on the african countries, but we are working on that (help us with info).


#2. Automatic confiscation of national reserves

The African countries should deposit their national monetary reserves into France Central bank.

France has been holding the national reserves of fourteen african countries since 1961: Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo-Brazzaville, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

“The monetary policy governing such a diverse aggregation of countries is uncomplicated because it is, in fact, operated by the French Treasury, without reference to the central fiscal authorities of any of the WAEMU or the CEMAC. Under the terms of the agreement which set up these banks and the CFA the Central Bank of each African country is obliged to keep at least 65% of its foreign exchange reserves in an “operations account” held at the French Treasury, as well as another 20% to cover financial liabilities.

The CFA central banks also impose a cap on credit extended to each member country equivalent to 20% of that country’s public revenue in the preceding year. Even though the BEAC and the BCEAO have an overdraft facility with the French Treasury, the drawdowns on those overdraft facilities are subject to the consent of the French Treasury. The final say is that of the French Treasury which has invested the foreign reserves of the African countries in its own name on the Paris Bourse.

In short, more than 80% of the foreign reserves of these African countries are deposited in the “operations accounts” controlled by the French Treasury. The two CFA banks are African in name, but have no monetary policies of their own. The countries themselves do not know, nor are they told, how much of the pool of foreign reserves held by the French Treasury belongs to them as a group or individually.

The earnings of the investment of these funds in the French Treasury pool are supposed to be added to the pool but no accounting is given to either the banks or the countries of the details of any such changes. The limited group of high officials in the French Treasury who have knowledge of the amounts in the “operations accounts”, where these funds are invested; whether there is a profit on these investments; are prohibited from disclosing any of this information to the CFA banks or the central banks of the African states .” Wrote Dr. Gary K. Busch

It’s now estimated that France is holding close to 500 billions African countries money in its treasury, and would do anything to fight anyone who want to shed a light on this dark side of the old empire.

The African countries don’t have access to that money.

France allows them to access only 15% of the money in any given year. If they need more than that, they have to borrow the extra money from their own 65% from the French Treasury at commercial rates.

To make things more tragic, France impose a cap on the amount of money the countries could borrow from the reserve. The cap is fixed at 20% of their public revenue in the preceding year. If the countries need to borrow more than 20% of their own money, France has a veto.

Former French President Jacques Chirac recently spoke about the African nations money in France banks. Here is a video of  him speaking about the french exploitation scheme. He is speaking in French, but here is a short excerpt transcript: “We have to be honest, and acknowledge that a big part of the money in our banks come precisely from the exploitation of the African continent.”

#3.  Right of first refusal on any raw or natural resource discovered in the country

France has the first right to buy any natural resources found in the land of its ex-colonies. It’s only after France would say, “I’m not interested”, that the African countries are allowed to seek other partners.


#4. Priority to French interests and companies in public procurement and public biding

In the award of government contracts, French companies must be considered first, and only after that these countries  could look elsewhere. It doesn’t matter if the african countries can obtain better value for money elsewhere.

As consequence, in many of the french ex-colonies, all the majors economical assets of the countries are in the hand of french expatriates. In Côte d’Ivoire, for example, french companies own and control all the major utilities – water, electricity, telephone, transport, ports and major banks. The same in commerce, construction, and agriculture.

In the end, as I’ve written in a previous article, Africans now Live On A Continent Owned by Europeans!


#5. Exclusive right to supply military equipment and Train the country military officers

Through a sophisticated scheme of scholarships, grants, and “Defense Agreements” attached to the Colonial Pact, the africans should send their senior military officers for training in France or French ran-training facilities.

The situation on the continent now is that France has trained hundreds, even thousands of traitors and nourish them. They are dormant when they are not needed, and activated when needed for a coup or any other purpose!


#6. Right for France to pre-deploy troops and  intervene military in the country to defend its interests

Under something called “Defence Agreements” attached to the Colonial Pact, France had the legal right to intervene militarily in the African countries, and also to station troops permanently in bases and military facilities in those
countries, run entirely by the French.

French military bases in Africa


When President Laurent Gbagbo of Côte d’Ivoire tried to end the French exploitation of the country, France organized a coup. During the long process to oust Gbagbo, France tanks, helicopter gunships and Special Forces intervened directly in the conflit, fired on civilians and killed many.

To add insult to injury, France estimated that the French business community had lost several millions of dollars when in the rush to leave Abidjan in 2006 the French Army massacred 65 unarmed civilians and wounded 1,200 others.

After France succeeded the coup, and transferred power to Alassane Outtara, France requested Ouattara government to pay compensation to French business community for the losses during the civil war.

Indeed the Ouattara government paid them twice what they said they had lost in leaving.


#7. Obligation to make French the official language of the country and the language for education

Oui, Monsieur. Vous devez parlez français, la langue de Molière!

A French language and culture dissemination organization has been created called “Francophonie” with several satellites and affiliates organizations supervised by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs.

As demonstrated in this article, if French is the only language you speak, you’d have access to less than 4% of humanity knowledge and ideas. That’s very limiting.


#8. Obligation to use France colonial money FCFA

That’s the real milk cow for France, but it’s such an evil system even denounced by the European Union, but France is not ready to move from that colonial system which puts about 500 billions dollars from Africa to its treasury.

During the introduction of Euro currency in Europe, other european countries discovered the french exploitation  scheme. Many, specially the nordic countries, were appalled and suggested France get rid of the system, but unsuccessfully.


#9.  Obligation to send France annual balance and reserve report.

Without the report, no money.

Anyway the secretary of the Central banks of the ex-colonies, and the secretary of the bi-annual meeting of the Ministers of Finance of the ex-colonies is carried out by France Central bank / Treasury.


#10. Renonciation to enter into military alliance with any other country unless authorized by France

African countries in general are the ones with will less regional military alliances. Most of the countries have only military alliances with their ex-colonisers! (funny, but you can’t do better!).

In the case France ex-colonies, France forbid them to seek other military alliance except the one it offered them.


#11. Obligation to ally with France in situation of war or global crisis

Over one million africans soldiers fought for the defeat of nazism and fascism during the second world war.

Their contribution is often ignored or minimized, but when you think that it took only 6 weeks for Germany to defeat France in 1940, France knows that Africans could be useful for fighting for la “Grandeur de la France” in the future.

There is something almost psychopathic in the relation of France with Africa.

First,  France is severely addicted to looting and exploitation of Africa  since the time of slavery. Then there is this complete lack of creativity and imagination of french elite to think beyond the past and tradition.

Finally, France has 2 institutions which are completely frozen into the past, inhabited by paranoid and psychopath “haut fonctionnaires” who spread fear of apocalypse if France would change, and whose ideological reference still comes from the 19th century romanticism: they are the Minister of Finance and Budget of France and the Minister of Foreign affairs of France.

These 2 institutions are not only a threat to Africa, but to the French themselves.

It’s up to us as African to free ourselves, without asking for permission, because I still can’t understand for example how 450 french soldiers in Côte d’Ivoire could control a population of 20 millions people!? 

People first reaction when they learn about the french colonial tax is often a question: “Until when?”

For historical comparison, France made Haiti to pay the modern equivalent of $21 billion from 1804 till 1947 (almost one century and half) for the losses caused to french slave traders by the abolition of slavery and the liberation of the Haitian slaves.

African countries are paying the colonial tax only for the last 50 years, so I think one century of payment might be left!

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  1. Crew Yew

    Yet another excellent piece! Extremely enlightening, well researched presentation of facts with eloquence and objectivity.

  2. Wanaku

    We cannot blame the French for ALL our problems. We have to look at ourselves and ask a simple question: Where do we come from and where are we going?
    Without an answer to this question we can complain all we want, the French are going to do what they want, and we will not do anything to stop it. Why? Because the French have answered the simple question above. Boom!

    • Prince samuels

      Guys I know that Europe destroyed Africa and as a result Africa became impoverished but when will hold your leaders for banking Africa money in Europe. Bank? These guys you called leaders have low self esteem, lack of believe in themselves, courrupt,no confidence in their own people and don’t want to work together. Unless African leaders unite and put Africa interests first this continent will continue to be misused by outside powers. Europe have power in Africa because the African allowed them to. No one can make you inferior without your consent. Think about that for a minute. This the time for Africans to charge and instead depending on outside forces.

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          Where is the u.s. president barac obama in all of colonial carnage by the french against africans? It seems to me via all news channels mr.obama is in support of what france is doing (EVIL) To 14 African nations. How horrible is that mr. President? Stop calling our young mail black children thuggs while the real thuggs are in france ravaging & raping africans.

        • Jace T

          Did you not read the article, it was clearly stated that every time a leader or someone with a following speaks out or challenges the status quo,they are killed or replaced. You think family members are off the list? I think not.. People all around the world must spread this type of knowledge for humanities sake. We the people will be better off.

      • Michael Prior

        “Europe have power in Africa because the African allowed them to. No one can make you inferior without your consent.” Europe rapes Africa with one tool, cruelly employed–advanced weaponry.

    • Ray Douglas

      Self loathing will not be the answer either. If the boot on your neck is much bigger and more powerful than yours then it will require some effort to remove it.

  3. Afo A Kom

    We cannot blame the French for ALL our problems. We have to look at ourselves and ask a simple question: Where do we come from and where are we going?
    Without an answer to this question we can complain all we want, the French are going to do what they want, and we will not do anything to stop it. Why? Because the French have answered the simple question above. Boom!

  4. Sherlock C Sampson

    The power to turn this situation is a battle which must commence now by Africans for Africans; so far Cuba is the only country which physically took part in our liberation struggle. This is a forever revolution.

  5. Taharqa

    If possible will you allow a translation of this text, … in french ?

    Very good Job.


  6. Ayo Ogundimu

    I am stunned by this piece, that France can virtually hold African countries to Ransom till today.We must empower ourselves.The saying divided we fall, together we stand is so true.Africa wake up, this has to be countered intelligently.

  7. Sandrita Bonga

    It is amazing how these are the facts that I was taught back home in the Ivory Coast, but the rest of the world is blinded to them. France exploits us with nothing in return but poverty and civil wars fueled by them to keep us busy while they rob us backstage. We need to join forces and stop thinking abt our self benefit. There are too many of us to not succeed. They have guns, we can get guns to. Plus we receive the same education they do so we are as smart as they are.
    This is a very educative piece of work and should be posted everywhere on the web. Great job

    • Kaan

      Guns are not the answer, you can’t defeat western powers militarily they have unmanned drones and guided missiles. You have to do it politically. Make videos, let people around the world know about your situation, I live in europe and did not know of this at all until recently (actually read about this in a book called the state of Africa, not here). I said, video btw, that’s important because even though most people can read nowadays very few do. But you make one good viral video, and France will be under severe pressure from the rest of the world. Politicians only care if the people care, and people can only care if they know.

  8. Question

    Can you provide ANY proof, in terms of legal documents, or periodicals from the era of decolonization, of any of these claims? Or can you find a transcript or video, or even recording, of those quotes by Chirac?

    • Lucynzesky

      he has no clue!! this article is a complete joke!! When it comes to the main topic, this is what he wrotes :

      “#1. Colonial Debt for the benefits of France colonization

      The newly “independent” countries should pay for the infrastructure built by France in the country during colonization.

      I still have to find out the complete details about the amounts, the evaluation of the colonial benefits and the terms of payment imposed on the african countries, but we are working on that (help us with info).”

      I can’t believe people are buying this bullshit. If you want to serve your cause, start by doing your research, and by not lying to people! There his enough real injustices to write about!!

  9. fghhf

    Africans who illegally get into first world countries commit the majority of crimes and use up welfare funds of citizens so the slave tax even things out.

    • Janaki

      Wow, such an utterly “enlightened” statement to make. It evens out is it? Wonderful insight.. Into your pea sized brain. Clearly you have no idea what you’re even saying nor do you know what it’s like to be colonised for centuries and how long the after effects linger on. Kindly go back to the rock you’re living under. Best.

  10. Dean

    As evil as France’s actions are, what’s worse to me is the apparent willingness of Africans to kill other Africans. I don’t care how much money is being offered (even though $612 should be a national embarrassment), simply by believing and practicing a THOU SHALT NOT KILL edict they could starve out the French (if need be) and take back their countries. France cannot and will not send their own troops to enforce their colonization in these countries.

  11. Sheena Beena

    This piece isn't blaming France for all their problems but pointing out a wrong the MUST be corrected. How can a African country prosper if their funds and resources are going to support another country.

  12. Mawuna R. Koutonin

    All pieces of information in the article are facts. Anyone familiar with France actions in Africa could easily confirm those facts. Or anyone here curious enough could ask any African they would met a next time for confirmation (specially if they come from an ex-french colony).

    Now the author might lack a Snowden access to the secret archives of France to prove better his case, but it's not because the doctor can't find the source of the disease that the patient is not sick or suffering. People familiar with the case might be able to speak about what they know, but would be denied access to signed documents.

    Why France won"t publish those documents to deny the facts?

    1. De Gaule used extensively the legionnaire for its colonial actions. if they tried to kill him, it's because they know this man was personification of Devil.

    2. yes, the network of ex-legionnaires or ex-trainees of France army are highly involved in carrying the colonial actions of France in Africa. That's continue till today. More of the troops sent to Africa for French actions are from the French Foreign Legion (easy to confirm that)

    There is no falsehood here.

    Yes, Chirac said without Africa, France will become a third world power. He even recently spoke about all the African money in France banks.

    Here is the video with him speaking about that): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzPITL1WLY0
    (he is speaking in French, but here is a short excerpt transcript: "We have to be honest, and acknowledge that a big part of the money in our banks come precisely from the exploitation of the African continent".)

    I don't know what is the intention of the previous commentator, but he seem to be motivated by defending France (by all means, and by calling names) than really going to the facts, and checking the reality.

    Now, regarding what France did in Guinea by destroying the country infrastructure because Guinea chose to become independent is by itself a proof that France wanted the African to pay for the benefits of colonisaton.

    Finally, Did you know that France made Haiti to pay a huge debt to France from 1804 till 1947 (almost 1 century and half) for the loss caused to French slaves traders.

    It's a French tradition.

    • CuriousMind

      If the documents are kept secret then a possible 99% of the French population isn’t aware of this. This would be a big pill to swallow for them, and would need some hard proof. Has anyone attempted a FOIA request on said documents, that you are aware of?

    • Shbkynn45 Shbkynpj

      Nothing is wrong with your grammar, I see it all the time, on sites like Huffington Post, they are stop nit picking.

  13. Mocha

    Great research piece and story. But please tighten up or your grammar and spelling to increase your penmanship and credibility. English may not be your first language, but get someone else to edit your pieces before publication.

  14. Yenyo Yao Sedzro

    They tell me I should be proud to be African but at the end of the day I look at my continent and regret being born. We as a continent seriously got to unite and solve these problems or else we will perish as lone wolves in the wild.

    • Steven

      This is a tragic history, however the truth is much darker. Most of the world is enslaved to the monetary system. It is often difficult for people to look past what seems so obvious to the true source of the problem. Africa absolutely needs to transition, but to what? Another system that uses money and has the same inherent corrupt incentives? Or perhaps to something better, a Resource Based Economy. We no longer need government. All our problems are technical and can be solved using science. A country without a direction towards something sustainable will just become slaves of another bank. Spend some time researching The Venus Project to learn about a better system. http://www.thevenusproject.com or their documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KphWsnhZ4Ag

  15. Bayano Ali

    Where we come from? Where are we going? What kind of stupid ass question is that?

  16. tabe

    Inspiring story. Now I say that is why the President of Zimbabwe is aggressively against these colonialists. They thrive at Africa’s expense. Indeed wake up Africa

  17. Kay Martin Mucheleka

    The problem is the type of leaders you have, indeed France is still reaping off Africa and in the case of Ivory Coast, they have their puppet there and for as long as the majority people do not have this information about France's business in Africa, it is wishful thinking to even think this will end some day!

  18. Jaleb Clovis

    The DRC and Burundi were not French colonies, even though they are french speaking countries.

  19. Virgo Shiman

    Great, eyeopening article, though the content is not new really! For other sources on the issue, I refer you to the 2011 book published by Ndikumana, Leonce, and James Boyce: Africa's odious debts: How foreign loans and capital bled a continent. Here is a link to a video blurb:


    The major problem that many people might quite recognize is the linguistic colonization. These people who coduct coups do so partially because they have lost their ability to think like Africans and let themselves be manipulated by the thinking patterns of the French. Clearly, African politicians have been brainwashed to a point that they cannot out think the ex- & colonial-masters. Very sad! That is the fight I have joined — the right for African people and children to develop and promote knowledge in our own languages like other countries in Asia and Europe!

  20. Prof. Joggy

    How will you describe Africa?
    Africa is a nation of humans who live under rocks by day, where their only wealth is the dirt on their naked body’s. At dusk and dawn they dig up roots and eat them. A mud pools they get on all fours like animals and slurp MUD-WATER.

    Africa is what we in business call a ‘LAB’, most of the fascism in the world and the police state business has been going on there for 30+ years. It is an IMF Laboratory for micropayment settlement; UNICEF Laboratory for diseases test (polio, HIV…); UN Laboratory for war & weapon test e.t.c..

    Africa is the rising middle east.

  21. Eku Sika

    This is just crazy ! what? our leaders are to be blame for all this . Is so SAD, n yet they say Africa is poor. Interesting!

  22. charbel

    young people ought know the importance of they voice when they vote… the type of leaders is the consequence of our act

  23. James Akil Jennings

    With knowledge, all things are possible. So African Nations need to take France to the World court and be paid for slavery and exploitation as this practice continues today. They don't belong in Africa, kick'um all out.

  24. Lay doma

    Je vous remercie d’avoir ecrit cet article. La France veut garder ses colonies et les africains ne sont pas conscients qu’ils sont encore colonises. D’ou les coups d’etat et la sortie forcee ou truquee de la democratie pour asseoir ce pouvoir de la France dans les gouvernements africains. Les actions doivent etre faite au niveau des Nations unies et union africaine par les africains eux meme. Mais malheureusement les africains vendent leur patrie au service de la france. Ceux qui ne l’acceptent pas disparaissent du paysage politique (on peut citer beaucoup d’exemple. Le dernier est Marc Ravalomanana de Madagascar.

  25. Clod

    Signons des petitions et trainons la France devant la Court Europeen de Justice. Faisons du bruit, fracas, ils seront obligés de nous ecouter et commencer à se demander qu’est ce que tous ces africains veulent et si de quelque part ils avait raison? Eh bien oui, nous avons raison de nous facher, enrager. La revolution ne commence pas toujours par la masse, très souvent c’est à partir d’une seule personne! Voyons Nelson Mandela, Mohamed Bouazizi.

  26. Mabilo Koutou

    Mawuna R. Koutonin Signons des petitions et trainons la France devant la Court Europeen de Justice. Faisons du bruit, fracas, ils seront obligés de nous ecouter et commencer à se demander qu’est ce que tous ces africains veulent et si de quelque part ils avait raison? Eh bien oui, nous avons raison de nous facher, enrager. La revolution ne commence pas toujours par la masse, très souvent c’est à partir d’une seule personne! Voyons Nelson Mandela, Mohamed Bouazizi.

  27. Evans

    This is the reason why Robert Mugabe said to Hell with the West.
    How does France expect to be paid for the infrastructure they developed. Did we ask them to give us back the diamonds they stole from us. Why were they in our countries in the first place?? Did they pay rent for living in our countries?? Wake Up Africa!!

  28. Evans T. Kanoz

    Our fore-fathers fought for the right to vote. Its now our time to fight for Economic Freedom. Nelson Mandela once said "No sacrifice was too great in the struggle for freedom" It entails that even us today we should do our part to free ourselves from economic slavery lest our children spit on our names for not giving them a better future. Wake Up Africa!

  29. Evans T. Kanoz

    Bénito your colour should remind you that you are still African don't think if you are chauffeuring with a bentley then you are like them. Be proud to be African and stop your bullshit talk.

  30. Bénito Junior

    Wowo calm down Guys, relax. You didn't unterstand me , i just wanted to say that im proud to be guinean and we, Guinea, are not paying any kind of colonial tax to that stupid french people. I know other countrie are still paying like ivory cost…

  31. ገንብሬ ገላውድዮስ

    Or even worse we may follow the footsteps of the Native Indians of North America and become Native Africans and live in conservations.

  32. julian

    Africa needs a new generation of leaders. Kind of leaders who didn’t get their degrees from france. Let s call out for our friends whos in the States, China, … Not for those countries to act the same but just to keep the balance (They have degree, we’re expecting them to be smart, aren t we ?). Otherwise we are the only one to blame, like our parents who abide to the french rule, too late for them to change now. They re rich enougth to pass the power to the next generation now (Sure about the first statement but not so sure about the second haha !)

  33. Babakole

    The world is global and universal and we aim rather for a universal democracy not a universal dictatorship .Should alternate in democracy be only the power of the majority on a minority changing in the power of the minority on a majority ?
    According to this framework we can emphasize the importance of an election in the process of change.When one party is speaking about massive fraud ,how can we react ? For me I want only make comments on the fraud that I am convinced happened in Madagascar .
    When I understand massive fraud, there must be an organization which put it in place and made it working, the fuel of which is mainly money. When we consider organization and place ,we can easily understand that the way of acting the fraud must be different for each country and so the way of voting; but there are surely a lot of “Watergate” (President Nixon/USA/1974) worth to be revealed in many countries.
    Madagascar as poor country and the number of poor in the world, can we say that we cannot avoid a universal dictatorship to happen in the world ? Considering the fact that international financing is supporting election in country in crises, which regime give stable costs and return ? This is where Human Center Design comes in action and gives hope ! I am convinced that by disclosing the way the fraud has been made through testimonies from the ground ,there will be a feeling of ridiculous ! Who likes to be ridiculous or feel ridiculous ,even the definition of ridiculous being different in every place ?

    • Judah BEN-HUR

      Miroir, miroir… Ce dossier est un véritable rédempteur en soi mais à condition de l’utiliser correctement. C’est-à-dire, non pas seulement exiger l’arrêt immédiat de ce génocide qui ne se nomme pas, mais également ramener l’impudent à ce qu’il est.

      Impérieusement, amener à sa conscience que ce panache qu’il arbhore ostensiblement n’est que l’effet de cette vilainie qu’il porte en ses gènes, en sa culture, en la certitude qu’il est la lumière qui brille dans les ténèbres.

      Impérieusement amener à sa conscience, que ses élans de générosité dont il fait preuve quand, du haut de sa bonté, touché par la propagande de ces quémandeurs de l’UNICEF, son coeur brisé, lui indique d’envoyer quelque chèque à son complice légendaire pour soutenir l’enfant nu et affamé, alors même que sa bonne conscience est le produit de son forfait, si silencieux, qu’il ne l’a jamais entendu.

      Il ne s’agit pas de le rabaisser, ce qui serait un acte de violence. Non, simplement le ramener à la taille qui est la sienne, sereinement et paisiblement. Le conduire aux douloureux éveil des forfaits de son histoire, de sa culture, de son arrogante fierté.

      Il doit cesser de se regarder comme il se croit pour se voir comme il est, un simple brigand dont la médiocrité n’égal que son aveuglement.

      Considérez ce dossier et faîtes en un site Internet que vous enchérirez de moult informations imparables, fatales, inéluctables. Qu’il devienne la classe manquante à l’école de la République et que, par son entrepise, l’enfant du “civilisé” soit éduqué à baisser la tête et que, s’il venait à la lever, ce ne serait que pour que ses yeux expriment la contrition nationale.

      C’est à ce moment seulement que vous, enfants du malheur, lui tendrez la main et lui direz : “pardonnes-toi, comme je te pardonne”.

    • Guihard

      Hi the link for French translation is not valid: any other link? Would be useful to spread the message in French.. Thanks

  34. Question

    This article proves the author is wrong about France forcing former colonies to give it money. It’s called “The Process of Monetary Decolonization in Africa”. http://archive.lib.msu.edu/DMC/African%20Journals/pdfs/Utafiti/vol4no1/aejp004001007.pdf

    It will surprise a lot of the author’s readers to know that the former colonies of France do NOT deposit in the French Central Bank. 40 years ago some did, but beginning in the late 1960’s they moved away from French rule and into they’re own banking systems. Here is a link to the Central Bank of Western African States: http://www.bceao.int/

  35. YourWrong

    This document shows that the author has NO idea what he’s talking about:


    Former French colonies do not deposit into French Banks. Many deposit into the Central Bank of West African States, which is headquartered in Dakar, Senegal. As that document shows, it is a jointly ran bank by Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Togo. France hasn’t had an interest in it since the early 1970’s.

  36. Thethiwe(SA)

    These explain why Africa is still undeveloped, Thanks for the info,and now we understands why is it so difficult to strike a deal.

  37. Atefeh Aghaee

    The problem with the third world is that they're not stable countries in many aspects and there is often no trust between people and the government, thus little chance of empowerment remains . Otherwise, what could France do if all African countries united and stopped paying?

  38. Matthew Farnham

    If we would only stop plundering and looting Africa, Africa could and should rightfully so become one if not the richest continent on Earth. I feel ashamed that the French are continuing to rob you blind until today. I'm just thankful Britain didn't impose this sort of abomination to its own ex-colonies. Please bear in mind that in the vast majority (99%), Europeans would not back this at all if they knew it was happening. I am with you on this struggle.

    • Steven

      Unfortunately you are deceived, blinded by your patriotism. British banks have enslaved much of the world, including the entire United States. Your people have nothing to do with this criminal activity, but by learning about an alternative to the monetary system you may be able to make a better future for the rest of the planet. Please take some time to learn about a scientific solution for resource management that does not rely on governments or the monetary system, but instead science and sustainability. Learn about a resource based economy and The Venus Project.

  39. Luc

    Interesting article, but obviously lacking research or rigour. Only in the table on coups, there are several mistakes: Rwanda, DRC and Burundi were not French but Belgian colonies. There are a number of “other African countries” which don’t appear in the list, some of which have had many coups. And the number of coups mentioned are wrong for a number of countries (under-estimated, unfortunately).
    So I actually don’t know the details of other elements in the article, but it’s difficult to take it seriously, without any source, when easily verifiable facts are so obviously wrong.

  40. Derek Ibor

    †ђξ first question to ask ‎​is if these African Colonies are ready to be librated, and if Yes, other African Countries should stand up and fight to liberate them. What ‎​is †ђξ so called World Power doing towards this end, rather than fight against people’s policies and culture. This ‎​is really bad for France.

  41. Jacquesinweb

    I’m a french citizen and very surprise about this informations. Could you please send me more informations, like law text that prouve that african states have to pay something to France . If i can, I’ll diffuse those informations , but I have to be sur about their Truthfulness. And I may have to prouve them myself in my explanation.
    Thank you very much for your human fight.
    write you soon.

  42. Yenyo Yao Sedzro

    King C. Asante-Yeboa Well the idea of unifying Africa has been proposed by so many of our past leaders as you probably know ..Nkrumah, Sankara, Lumumba.. etc..
    But unfortunately they all were forced out of power or some even were killed and replaced by dictators. But that dream can still be accomplished. We could do it if the entire continent demands it. The revolution has to be demanded by the people that's a fact, China is a perfect example. If we sit back and hope that the future will get better we are fooling our selves. That's why education is so important. We must put major emphasis on HISTORY in our schools so we may learn how other people that were in the same conditions in the past changed things around. But there is another problem we run into.. many of our current dictators that are in power won't allow such things to occur. It's not going to be easy many will die for the sake of liberty but it's worth it because we can change our grandchildren's history.

  43. King C. Asante-Yeboa

    The need for Africans to come together is an age old idea which has not yet worked in spite of the numerous efforts. Could you propose how this could be achieved?

  44. King C. Asante-Yeboa

    Sandrita, concerned Africans have been trying to free the continent from post colonial grip with little or no success. Take Ivory Coast for example; for every efforts made there are bunches of local traitors who callously sweep them back. And those who ever dared are brutalized. What do you think is the best way to deal with this appalling situation?

  45. King C. Asante-Yeboa

    The responses show concern. The person who allows mosquito(es) to suck his blood must accept the primary blame for his negligence. It is no secret that western countries involved in these ominous dealings use the bad ones among us who, for their greed and hunger for power, surrender the peoples' rights to the feet of their directors. However, they succeed in most part because of the peoples' own apathy, egoism, tribalism and ethnocentrism that fuel conflicts, mistrusts and divisions thus weakening them. The foreign directors and their local perpetrators take advantage of the shortcomings mentioned above to divide the people further and conquer or take whatever they need at their own dictating cost. Here is my question: Why are efforts to come out of the grips of neo-colonialism and its tentacles still not working? How can Africans overcome this?
    Finally, thanks to the author Mawuna KOUTONIN for this insightful information. I think that efforts like this should be institutionalized and funded.

  46. Thierry

    Great post! I am french speaking so I will speak in french.Je suis étonné par les remarques n°42 et n°44.En effet sur les rapports France- Afrique la presse française en a déjà parlé cf les documents de Arte et France 2 sur la Françafrique http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fran%C3%A7afrique_%28documentaire%29.
    De nombreux auteurs français dont Pierre Péan (Affaires Africaines) ou François Xavier Verchave (Françafrique) ont abordé le sujet.Il existe en France une abondante littérature sur le sujet.A propos du franc cfa un livre:Franc cfa et euro contre l’afrique de nicolas agbohou. Toutes les thématiques abordées dans cet article sont connues et ont été rendues publiques.La chaine Vox africa a consacré 2 documentaires sur le fcfa.En reponse à la remarque n° 40 les pays de la zone franc déposent 65% de leurs avoirs auprès du trésor français.C’est un fait facilement vérifiable.

  47. Mawuna R. Koutonin

    A comment from Thierry – a french who knows about the topic

    "Great post! I am french speaking so I will speak in french.Je suis étonné par les remarques n°42 et n°44.En effet sur les rapports France- Afrique la presse française en a déjà parlé cf les documents de Arte et France 2 sur la Françafrique http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fran%C3%A7afrique_%28documentaire%29.

    De nombreux auteurs français dont Pierre Péan (Affaires Africaines) ou François Xavier Verchave (Françafrique) ont abordé le sujet.Il existe en France une abondante littérature sur le sujet.A propos du franc cfa un livre:Franc cfa et euro contre l’afrique de nicolas agbohou.

    Toutes les thématiques abordées dans cet article sont connues et ont été rendues publiques.La chaine Vox africa a consacré 2 documentaires sur le fcfa.

    En reponse à la remarque n° 40 les pays de la zone franc déposent 65% de leurs avoirs auprès du trésor français.C’est un fait facilement vérifiable."

  48. Nadege Ade

    And now, Kadaffi is out too….; one can argue he also had the dream of a united Africa, even tho he had his own personal agenda..We are talking of education, but how can that be wholescale and prominently useful when the budget of the ministry of education probably even comes from loans, and wants to follow a "westernized method/curriculum of education". And the African union, what is their pupose in all this? I think Africans should self educate themselves, drop all complexes and be confident wherever they are.. Its a starting point… One can be educated but without the necessary self confidence and obviouly strategic unity, it will take us centuries to get out of this hole…

    • Shbkynn45 Shbkynpj

      Thank you for your effort. I hope to do something in US, any suggestions will be appreciated. I am just reading your post, as I just discovered this site a few weeks ago.

  49. Cyril Graux

    Hello everybody! it's a shame for my nation (France).Nobody knows this situation in Europe and when you try to tell them, they can't believe it. That was at first my reaction. We can't believe a think like that! Our Country's still exploiting states in Africa. Sure we know that our big firms suck the lifeblood out of your countries and it begin to be the same everywhere. But this Colonial Debt for the benefits of France ?! I live in the shame since I learnt the thing. So I mad a petition against this immoral dupe's pact. That's all I can do at the moment. You can sign and share it .I 'll try to translate it if I can. this is the link : http://www.petitions24.net/en_finir_avec_le_pacte_colonial_en_afrique

    Good luck for all of you! Don't give up the fight. Some people are thinking about you! May be more if they reed and share those informations.
    See you soon
    Cyril Graux

  50. Alex Matthews

    Those filthy 'FROG'S' are SCUM! What kind of people let these 'BLOODSUCKING WHITE VERMIN' exploit them this way? You AFRICAN'S will continue to be the laughing stock of the world until you END this NONSENSE! The solution is simple you 14 countries combine & END this VIILE oppression through MILITARY or POLITICAL mean's. What shall FRANCE do? Kill you all? & at what price? This is a RACE issue BLACK v WHITE, you AFRICANS have a choice STAND UP like MEN or DIE like DOG'S.

    • Quami

      It is only a race issue if we make it one. something which will be destructive for us all. Only a simple minded fool sees the world as black and white. there are many many decent white people in the wolrd and you know this to be true. it is not about black vs white it is about politicians and corporations exploiting whoever they can. yes as black people we are looked down on and seen as unintelligent and violent and we must show the world that we are just as capable as everybody else.

    • Alex matthews

      Where do they find these negro appeasers? This is a race issue black v white, when the exploiter is white & the exploited is black & the criminality is based on colonialism, you would have to be a brain dead idiot to deny it. There are lot’s & lots of decent black people in this world fighting to overcome this wretched situation in Africa. But they are being thwarted by regressive negroe traitors & collaborators.

  51. asdfdsasa

    Whites have terrorized this planet for long enough

    Reason why all true homo sapien specie (92% of world population) should unite together and exterminate the half-neanderthal ‘caucasian’ specie (only 8% of world population)

    • Quami

      Right yes that is a great idea. Let us cause a global war that will end up killing us all off. People like you are why us Afriacans are so far behind. You live in a dream world where you do not want to face the facts. What you propose will never happen so just be quiet. Take your nazi agenda someplace else we are trying to be constructive here. As africans we must reclaim our nations through intelligent and peaceful process. Show the world we are not ignorant barbarians they think we are and that we can achieve something

  52. Mawuna R. Koutonin

    Merci Cyril pour l'initiative, et merci pour ton soutien aux peuples africains.
    Je suis en train d'envoyer des messages à mes amis en France pour les inciter à rejoindre la pétition.

  53. BaDo


    Seeing how the half-neanderthals have been dominating earth for a decent time now, maybe it is they who deserve to own the world. If you are looking at things the way you suggest it, they are obviously superior to the rest.

    But if you look at reality instead, on Earth only the African population is (mostly) purely Homo sapiens, while both Europeans, Asians and native Americans have significant amounts of Neanderthal and Denisovan genes. Looking at the current state of Africa, this really does not reflect well on the abilities of “pure” Homo sapiens people.

    Your numbers are also wrong, as Caucasian people are at least about 1 billion (700 million in Europe, 300 or so in North America) which is 14%, not 8%. About the same as Africans. And this doesn’t take into account the large numbers of Asian people who are nowhere near “true Homo sapiens”, and who outnumber both Caucasians and Africans by a good margin.

    Your post is just nonsense.

  54. Moussa Traore

    merci cyril fier et honore par ce acte courageux quoique temeraire vis avis de ton pays..merci pour la petition tout en ayant l espoir que ca aboutisse a quelque chose ;je suis en cote d ivoire et j aimerais avoir de plus a mple information sur l initiative MERCI BCP

  55. Quami

    My people listen to me. I ambout to say something which will make many of you very upset but i beg you to listen and then do your own research. We live on a continent whihc is rich in raw materials and resources. our nations should be among the richest in the world but instead they are the poorest. We allow ourselves to be exploited by foreign governments and corporations while our own politicians take bribes and keep us ignorant. there are many reasons for this but one culprit is holding us back in a way that we do not realise and it is religion. religion has us killing each other over nothing and keeps us ignorant. while the rest of the world develops more and more we stagnate and keep throwing ourselves into the dark ages. Illness and disease spreads across africa because religious leaders tell us not to use condoms, we are overpopulated and cannot feed ourselves because religious leaders tell us not to use contraceptives. our children do not learn and are kept ignorant while we kill each other for believing in the “wrong” religion. we obsess over things such as homosexulaity rather than education and technological progress. religion is used to exploit us and keep us down because it keeps us ignorant, it stifles progress the leaders of other countries can see this. we need to realise that religion is not a force for good it is a tool invented by man to keep the masses from questioning the world and it works too well. it is time to awaken from this spell and better ourselves so our children can live in a better world

  56. Lapiro Dmbanga

    Black people are behaving as if they love jesus more than those who brought them jesus Christianity or they were the one who crucified jesus. you say hi to a black on facebook a black will reply na god as if he or she doesn't hv the right to live hahaha

  57. Sherma Charles

    How many African countries still have this arrangement with Frence? My gosh, I thought it was only Haiti they forced to pay a Hugh sum of money to them after successfully fighting for their independence.


      Many African countries are still yoked to the french in this criminal deal. They are yoked by various bilateral and multilateral agreements with subtle undertones. They do not call the social ills their agreements instruments are based on by their names e.g. “Former colonial master”, “Former Slave master”. It is not only limitted to Francophone Africa as they camouflage in attracting other non Francophone Countries into such agreements e.g. “francophonie”, but the clauses of extortion and subjugation are stealthily enshrined in all the fundamental texts. Do you know that the treasury reserves of most Francophone African countries is kept by the french in the french Treasury with exclusive rights on them? Do you know that Many African countries do not even know how much it is and have never attempted to know or to use it? Is this not outright banditry? They take advantage of our ignorance and set us against one another while they play the shock observers. THIEVES, Once bitten, twice shy, twice bitten, once a fool, now that we have been bitten ten-folds, what next?

  58. Sherma Charles

    African citizens need to demonstrate on the streets to have this act of terrorism by France ended. We have to get out of the mind set that it's only the government leaders that can solve our problems. The civilians will be much more effective.

  59. King Alloy

    Wow! I am dumb founded, guys. France? Why won't they kill Gaddafi? It's now making sense why they killed him. Gosh?

  60. Patrick Okobia

    It is beyond guns and bullets to free Ivory Coast…It is by educating every citizen on what is going on first and eliminating the traitors in your mist,because they will be the willing tools for enemy to come into your life, then you bring in friends in same European front where they are operating like the Nordic nations then finally you confront your exploiters in EUROPEAN INSTITUTION….with the help of Nordic nations and institution like EU, you make your case. To make it easier, Ivory coast should form coalition with other African nation in same predicament.

  61. Gebre Selassie

    Sandrita Bongo and other.., Yes the world knows such a brutal exploitation with the help of corrupted African politicians. But who cares as long as they world of looters are benefiting from France. It is only we African can fight for our rights. No one else. So take initiatives to stop exploitation and free the continent.

  62. Paulos

    Sandrita Bongo and other.., Yes the world knows such a brutal exploitation with the help of corrupted African politicians. But who cares as long as they world of looters are benefiting from France. It is only we African can fight for our rights. No one else. So take initiatives to stop exploitation and free the continent.

  63. Nzingha Shabaka

    I believe the french (spell will a small letter) are the worse of the worse European people. Look what they did to Haite, and their general Toussaint L'Overture, after loosing the war, France had Haiti to pay them retribution for the African slaves who went free, after the war. Haiti did not pay the debt off for one hundred years. We back up, they invited our General Toussaint L'Overture to france talking about a treaty, once he got to france, they arrested him, placed him in a building on a hill over-looking the city, they starved him to death. That is how our great general Toussaint L'Overture died. Please don't think these racist do not have to pay for this, obviously, they think they don't. And the idea that Africa is so rich, and we see our people starving to death, no running water, no electricity, why they live off Africa. Is the world looking? Sure they are, and they do not care, including the blacks. Wake up African people, get these thieves out out of our land. If it were not for these Europeans, and Jews, Africa would be the most progressive continent on the planet. They have been leaching/sucking the blood of African people, since the day they set foot in Africa, over 500 years ago. By the way, what they are doing with many of the black leaders, is the same thing they did when they first came to Africa, and then they say, our people sold us into slavery. Damn lie, they were tricked, killed, or enslaved themselves, if they did not cooporate. They do it to the leaders today. Patrice Lumumba, of Congo, is a good example, they over killed ou brother there.

  64. Kamerchief

    the presidents of these 14 African countries are such goofballs! a solid and concerted petition from them to the UN alongside a wave of unrelenting protests, strikes in all these countries will end this nonsense.We can ask for military support from brazil, russia, china and other anti-western regimes if France wants to go the hard way…i rather bleed to death than see this shit continue.if we don’t act the continent will always remain what it is.let’s honor the memories of our ancestors and pass a legacy of prosperity to future generations!!!

  65. buerkie Gail

    hmmmm, chaley in this 21st century……………… OMG, LIKE SERIOUSLY. HOW THEN DO WE DEVELOP. THANKS FOR YOUR INFO

  66. JSobieski

    “It’s such an evil system even denounced by the European Union, but France is not ready to move from that colonial system which puts about 500 billions dollars from Africa to its treasury year in year out.”

    The sentence above from the article is clearly beyond false, it is literally impossible. If you added the GDPs of France’s former African colonies, they wouldn’t add up to $500B US.

  67. Chris Falkowski

    “It’s such an evil system even denounced by the European Union, but France is not ready to move from that colonial system which puts about 500 billions dollars from Africa to its treasury year in year out.”

    The sentence above that is copied and pasted from the article is clearly beyond false. It is literally impossible. If you added the annual GDPs of France’s former African colonies, they wouldn’t add up to $500B US. It is literally impossible for France to remove $500 billion dollars from its former colonies each year.

  68. Anonymous

    The problem of course is not France.
    Its OK to feel sorry for a slave who against his or her will is compelled into slavery by force of arms
    However, I don't know why anyone should feel sorry for those who seem to enjoy slavery or for slaves who don't want their freedom. It may be harsh to say, but when you willingly (and the operative word here is willingly )accept to be a slave, you give up your right to be called human. I don't feel sorry for the "Francophones". They are proud of their slavery.

    As far as I'm concerned if a person has it within their power to fight for their freedom , if a person refuses to walk out of a prison even when the door is open, then that person deserves to be wiped off the face of the earth. Thus the Francophone countries who willingly maintain themselves in a state of slavery should PERISH

  69. Ambrose Abejide Olowo

    I have always believed many African nations are not truly indepedent particularly the francophone countries. So sad the so called developed world pay lips Service to war against corruption when they in fact fuel it

  70. Anton EGreat

    Cyril, avant de cracher sur ton pays, renseigne toi. Cet article est biaisé et partisan. Cousu de marxisme idéologique, sans sources vérifiables. J'ai été en Afrique et ça n'est pas la réalité. J'ai étudié l'histoire et ça n'est pas non plus la réalité. Qu'il y ait eu des profits faits et une exploitation par une partie des européens est un fait. Cela ne doit pas occulter le fait que la colonisation française a essentiellement été une perte d'argent pour elle; des investissements colossaux qui demeurent encore dans la majorité des pays. Les africains ne s'en sortirons pas en crachant sur la France. Heureusement je connais beaucoup d'africains qui ont une vision un peu plus objectives .

    • mm Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN

      @Anton “J’ai été en Afrique, et ce n’est pas la réalité”!? voilà ta preuve que cet article n’est pas objectif?

      Dans quelle Afrique tu as été? (Pour info l’Afrique c’est 3 fois la taille de toute l’Europe. Là, On reprend, qu’en sais-tu vraiment de l’Afrique?)

  71. Steven

    Please consider researching and advocating for a resource based economy to help Africa transition out of this nightmare. The entire world is in servitude due to the monetary system. It is just as bad in the United States, although we have a lot more propaganda and junk to distract our population, we are still being poisoned and forced into wage-slavery. The issues are the monetary system. The banks own the entire world. Only by transitioning to a sustainable system can any country hope to gain its true independence. Start with the documentary Paradise or Oblivion and please contact me with any questions. I am here to help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KphWsnhZ4Ag

  72. Ann Veja

    Anton EGreat

    @Anton “J’ai été en Afrique, et ce n’est pas la réalité”!? voilà ta preuve que cet article n’est pas objectif?

    Dans quelle Afrique tu as été? (Pour info l’Afrique c’est 3 fois la taille de toute l’Europe. Là, On reprend, qu’en sais-tu vraiment de l’Afrique?)

  73. Stéphane Brossard

    Le fait par exemple que ce fameux "impôt" colonial s'il existe, personne ne sait combien, ni comment il se paie, depuis tout ce temps, dans tant de pays différents, etc … tout à fait crédible ça ? Allez, allez, il s'agit juste d'une analogie avec l'histoire d'Haïti qui a effectivement acheté sa liberté, mais cela n'a jamais eu lieu en Afrique continentale.

    Et pour le reste, oui, tout ceci est totalement idéologique comme manière de présenter les choses.

  74. Abdiraheem Mohammed

    We need to find a solution to counter this evil exercise but violence is definitely out of the question. We can end this robbery of our much needed resources by france without resorting to violence.

    We need to expose and shame france publicly. The more people know about this the better. send and share this article with as many families, friends and colleagues as possible, and let them be aware of france's decades of looting and blackmailing african governments.

    We owe it to Sylvanus Olympio, Modibo Keïta, David Dacko, Maurice Yaméogo, Hubert Maga, Steve Bantu Biko and Patrice Lumumba to carry on their dream and legacy of one day seeing a united and prosperous africa, free from the shackles of poverty, corruption and most of all colonisation both physically and mentally.

    Let's use the most powerful tool that we've got…our brains and nothing is impossible.

    God Bless Africa.

  75. Bertrand Moulin

    Whao, awful! Just a small correction: RDC (ex Zaïre), Burundi and Rwanda are ex belgian colonies. It must have been the same I guess, or maybe worse!
    @ CYRIL: bravo pour ton engagement, ça t'honore; mais saches que tu n'y es pour rien, tu n'es pas responsable des actes des différents gouvernements français qui ont fait ça!

  76. Onodu Chukwunweike

    Why is it that Africa must pay allegiance to so called colonial masters, despite the black continent been the first part to be civilised via Egypt where those white men acquired almost all there knowledge? Honestly we refuse to leave right, so let us seat up and face our challenges once long leave Africa, long leave Nigeria.

  77. Mbudzeni Shandukani

    This is exactly why the colonialist still maintain their foot hold in Afrika,installng puppet govt in every single 53countries of Afrika.Recently NATO allocated itself the champion of people of Libya,without the mandate of the AU,now they have installed their puppet govt.In Zimbabwe, britain is barking loud to intall its puppet govt,in the guise of President mugabe starving own people,where as everyone knows who reneged on the Lancaster agreement.In Uganda sanctions have been raised by America becuase of gayrights violations,who appointed america to police uganda?

    Quiet Ironic that Afrika starves and rely on aid,the same aid that has been looted from the continent,& comes back as aid.I believe this is why honorable Thabo Mbeki says Afrika should solve own problems without any colonial influence…

  78. J.A. Fofang

    Mawuna ,thanks a lot for the article. I which to inform you that nobody can free this countries except God Almighty. Read Deuteronomy 28 and read verse 68 very well. This will make you know our problem and our solution. These black people are the true Israelites and had an agreement with God which there did not keep. This is the reason Christ is coming back to free his people. Because he paid the price already with his precious blood. To know the extent of how much this people have stolen from us.The black identity has been stolen by this Caucasian (Esua). Rome rules the world and out to kill all the true Israelites. This the reason rome gave us all this false religions to weaken us spiritually Those guys in Israel now are the real thieves. When There are responsible for the wars in the world because there control the banks. When Rome destroyed Israel in 70AD some of the people escaped into Africa. There were later found and taken to America and Europe by ships as slaves. The destruction still continues as we speak. We must turn back to our God and not the white Jesus given to us by this wicked people. Christ is black like you and me so are the 12 tribes of Israel.

    • Luma

      i totally agree. we have to teach our people to get back to the Most High . not christianity, not islam

  79. Nformi William Ngenge

    It is not an independent French strategy. It is an international conspiracy. We are systematically brainwashed, misled, kept at bay and in bondage in the name of globalization. Globalization leaving Africa behind. We do not fit there. It is just a way of balance of power, a system of international politics which existed before the independence of third world countries especially Africa. Africa must be truly independent. That is the only way we can combat this manipulation and cause the perpetrators of this international theft to pay reparation even for the slave trade.

  80. Nformi William Ngenge

    We are held hostage by demonic pacts in the name of International Relations, e.g AMORC, FRE MASONs, ROTARY, which makes common sense useless. Only in God's name can we liberate ourselves not by force which will only results in blood shed and still beneficial to them.

  81. Nformi William Ngenge

    How can we unite when we have no one direction. there is clash of cults at all levels. If we can repent and turn towards God, tolerating and forgiving one another in spirit and truth, no one can divide and rule us except ourselves and for our interests to the glory of God.

  82. King C. Asante-Yeboa

    @Nformi William: Which of the Gods are you talking about? As far as I know almost every African believes in one God or the other, yet all of them different. And each believes that his/her God is the best, the other's is satanic. So can you tell which of them is universally acceptable? Sorry to say but your suggestion is utopian, unrealistic. The countries, the continent, shall thrive if there is a common progressive agenda or direction, which also encourages the people to respect everybody's beliefs and cultures, and the people are educated to follow that agenda and the people accept that agenda.
    Anything short of that is utopian. You may visit the following site: http://www.african-center.com/en/welcome.html

  83. King C. Asante-Yeboa

    Good point. But t if I may ask: Who is to blame? The Africans who are allowing themselves to be brainwashed, kept at bay and in bondage? Or those perpetrating the acts?

  84. King C. Asante-Yeboa

    Sorry but we must begin calling the spade a spade. Just as you were taught but you did nothing about it, talk less of even passing the message on to others, so are some others silent, thinking that others will do it. Apathy, apathy! Oh no, the main education is not from the guns, it is from the brains, unity, common defined direction, and the collective will and readiness of the people to achieve it. Any group of people who are able to have a common goal and a common direction, and will put in their efforts, will succeed. NO POWER, NO GUNS, NO BOMBS, IS GREATER THAN THE COLLECTIVE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

  85. King C. Asante-Yeboa

    @Bawe Marie: Your concern is much appreciated. However, may I draw your attention to the following fact of history? From the time before, during and after both enslavement, colonization and looting of Africa's resources, Africans have always been reciting: "God have mercy on us… God save us… God…." but all the more the enslavement, the colonization and the looting went on as it is going on now in different forms. And the looters and colonizers and enslavers built their continents fantastically on the resources and sweats of Africans and left Africa dilapidated. Don't you think that there is something wrong with the Africans' belief system? Hos. 4:6 tells it all.

  86. mohamed

    Salut cet article est intéressant mais je vois pas les sources de ce qui est dit tout comme la vidéo quu est une séquence d’une interview donc peut être sorti de son contexte .
    Je suis toujours méfiant de tout donc j’aimerais bien savoir d’où viennent ces informations .


  87. JOHN

    Our African brothers who live in the diaspora, can’t they do something? We think that they can create contacts and plead our case in the international court. ICJ should not be only for African presidents who are considered stubborn ( Like L. Gbagbo)to the French manipulations. The ICJ can also hear a case “Francophone Africa vs France” for illegal exploitation. It is easy for Africa in the diaspora to gather facts and build a case file against France independent of African Heads of States. Don’t be surprised that they get support both financial and material from some African Leaders. Our presidents may not like what they are passing through but they have no choice

  88. Richard Crookston

    Why is this article not cited? Where did the Koutonin find the information on the $500 billion going to the French Treasury every year?

    One can't ignore the fact that many of the coups in Africa were in francophone countries, many of them occurred after the french currency was rejected, and many of them were committed by ex-french military officers. It seems France has screwed a lot of people over.

    I'd feel a lot better about including this information in the report I'm writing if some sources were included, especially in regards to the numbers. If anyone wants to post some, I'd be grateful.

  89. Fontaine Cook

    King C. Asante-Yeboa That's a very good question! We've identified the problem, analyzed, and dissected it. Its time to discuss and suggest concrete actions to be taken. Then implement them. Another good question is are we brave enough? Here is a suggestion on how we unite, Virgo Shiman touched on it.

    Language is primarily one of the oldest forms of communicative technologies and inadvertently one of the chief demarcations of a people (aka tribe or ethnic group). So if we want to be one, indivisible people we should start with how we communicate with one another. We need a common tongue!

    Its not something that requires an official public mandate. In other words it doesn't require approval from "elected officials". It can and should be grass-rooted. Two cents anyone?

  90. Nzingha Shabaka

    This is hard to believe. Blacks all over the world wish to go to France, on vacation. They are nothing but a bunch of racist inferior satanic beast, living off the poor people of Africa.

  91. Nzingha Shabaka

    Africa, her people, her people in the diaspora, especially US, Europeans are leaching off Arica and her people, more today than doing slavery. Take sports in America, on the college level, it is unbelievable the money generated from football, and basketball at these universities, that do not want black students to go to their universities, yet our black young mena are generating wealth for them in sports, but do not want blacks at the university in any other capacity. One state in particular, Louisiana, I was reading, the year 2012, after all expenses, they put in the university's account, almost three hundred million dollars from the athletic program, mainly from football, basketball second. They misuse the black players. How about the heisman trophy winner was caught stealing crabs legs from a food store. Why would the heisman trophy winner need to steal, you realize how much money he generated for Florida, and he has to steal food. This is crazy. Why do we allow these folks to abuse us, as we generate wealth for them, all the while, we are misused, and disrespected, from their racism. It is very hard for me to comphrend what has happened to African people, and it is getting worse.

  92. Nana Kwame

    It's Not a Matter of African Support… It's A Matter That the "World Court" Wouldn't DARE Do Anything to Change the Way the World Operates Currently. What's Needed is For People to Stop Contributing to the System That Allows the Enslavement of Africa – Meaning It Needs to Start With African Americans Leaving the U.S. Slaveless and Crippled…

  93. SenegalStyle Sineta George

    I was with you until the last sentence… that's the 2nd problem with Africans working for Africa – they want the same people they are complaining about to fund them! You can't have two masters my friend.

  94. SenegalStyle Sineta George

    I'm sorry to disagree Oluwaseyi – he's talking about francophone Africans that call blacks from other countries, 'toubab' which means outsiders. You can't pick and choose when to accept us. Just because an Irishman and a Spaniard are white and their roots come from the same continent, it doesn't make them the same people.

  95. Sineta George

    U have a short memory. What about Col Khadaffi? ALL the African countries that he's been pouring money into all these years turned their backs on him. He was the ONLY member of the OAU to really give a damn about the continent and now he's forgotten by the same people he tried to help.

  96. Sineta George

    google it! u're writing a report and you want this guy to give you the citations? haha!

  97. King C. Asante-Yeboa

    SenegalStyle, thanks for sharing my view. Obviously, it is illogical to expect some people one is complaining against, to fund the person. That is not what I meant. Sorry I couldn't express myself better.

  98. Sineta George

    but I see it all the time and find that outside funding tempers the written word, significantly.

  99. Alaba Babajide Baju

    Hello Koutonin, please could you provide some links to the material you gathered to write these articles? I want to read about this issue. Thank you.

  100. Alaba Babajide Baju

    Hi, Please could you provide links to the material that you gathered to write this article? I'm interested in reading about this subject. Thank you.

  101. Jojo Bola

    Nformi William Ngenge just forget about what u talking about with repentance, the people commiting seriouse crimes are the same who brought christianity to you

  102. GKithinji

    France conned Francophone countries at the very beginning when they realized the ‘wind of change’ was not going to be overcome by any colonial power or powers. So France negotiated for French colonies to be granted independence all at once. The price of that was this hideous hidden agenda.

  103. Peter Tauer

    Can you show me any of your sources/references? I’m really curious

  104. Teboho Nkoane

    This is really when we need all leaders of Africa to unite under African Renaissance project conceptualized by the legendary Thabo Mbeki, who also took it from the likes of Kwame Nkruma etc. We the people on the ground should force our leaders to implement this and like we defeated apartheid in South Africa, we can ban and put sanctions to all that is France in this wealthy continent. It sounds tough but it is very possible. One step at a time. This article is one step at that direction already.

  105. nicoula

    It would be really HONEST if you should link to your SOURCES.
    Internet is a good tool when you allow data transparency.

    And you should talk about weapons, and the role france is playing in this game…

    And at least, try to not generalize when you said France… only a few politics acts secretly and not the 66M ppl living in france.

    We want a free AFRICA, a peacefull world and freedom for oppressed ppl…

  106. Souleymane

    Is very true, but we should not forget that the youngest peoples in that contries don’t work and comparetively to the young european people. I start some project about web buziness. Mostly, I must give the job to the white people because my black brother after taking the money are not any more motivate. That is the truth. Freedom start first true the work.

  107. Tiberiu Popa

    Very informative article. Any Cooperation Accord text available on the Internet? I’d like to read more on this topic, Thank you!

  108. Minho

    I like to believe all this, but as an academic I would like to see your sources/references for all these claims.

    • Fernando Karl

      That is the problem. You do not need to be an academic to understand essential things in life. You just need a brain. Academics based on science and scrutiny for things who go against the imposed system only makes them tire themselves out or giving up. Why do not scrutizine things on the opposite side instead and question ourselves why Democracy is more of a motto or slogan like Love, or Faith without having any accurate meaning when being put to practice.
      Academics do not need to limit their minds to the patterns of finding the truth in things what they were taught since human lives, behavior and social relationships are neither static nor being able to be defined by sources or references. Things in everyday life are neither Bad or Good. You start labelling yourself as an Academic to backup your words but you only need to use Philosophy to get an answer.
      The system is wrong. And that is why people in the Southern Hemisphere are messed up actually more than the messed up ones in the lower side of the Pyramid in the upper Hemisphere. Media, News distracting people from thinking deeply about our human essence. Complicated systems of scrutizing the truth in any opinion which doubts about the actual status of human life in this planet, people who think being academic with unipolar research without real life experience lets them know than people than live or experience things in life.

      • Niji

        Very hard to believe. Still I hope what I read above is wrong. Are they not ashamed to boast that they are developed and civilized.

  109. admasu

    Ohhhhhh,what an article is it?it really broke my heart to now my african brothers being still exploited by their ex-colonizeres!It forced me to thank again&give houner to my Ethiopian grand dads&mams for they preserve my country from colonization.But what is even worse to me is how could we african our selves serve our colonizers?why?Ofcourse,the ultimate answer will be again b/se we are poor &hence need money.Thus,unity against our number one enemy is not optional to us instead a die or not matter..Commitment&sacrifice are also must.

  110. Yan

    Just to let you know that the Democratic Republic of Congo is not a french ex-colonie’ s country. It has been colonized by Belgium.

  111. blah

    For those of you asking for additional information on the subject, here is a link to an interview with Nicholas Agbohou, the second African Economist from Ivory Coast who has done research on this topic and written a book on it. The first African Economist to have researched and writen about this topic is Joseph Tchundjang Pouémi also from Ivory coast. He was killed under mysterious circumstances.

    The interview is in French. However, you can use google to translate it in English. The translation is not perfect but hopefully you’ll get the main point


  112. blah

    Please don’t post this.

    I just wanted to let you know that you can add me to your mailing list.

  113. blah

    For those of you that requested a more rigorous treatment of the subject, I would like to provide you with links to a site that posted an excerpt of the book published by Professor Nicholas Agbohou regarding the Franc CFA and economic development of countries that make up FrenchAfrica

    The excerpt like the book is in French. However, unlike the book, the excerpt is posted on the internet and you can use google translate to get it in English:




  114. Eddy

    this is sad and acceptable,thou not shocking me because i know what french are capable. If they killed our people because of their interests in the name of their language.
    But they will never put their noise again in our national business let them continue exploitation same countries in Africa because their leaders want French’s songs and praises and to be in good books.
    For us Big No. enough was enough by Gods grace through strong leader and visionary

  115. Henry Amponsah

    Perharps not into this detail but through my education at the Univ. of Ghana, Legon in the ’70s and 80s i came to know how Europe and America “underdeveloped Africa”.And may i also add this:The rest of Africa that are relatively more independent than the former French colonies, like Ghana, Nigeria, and DRC are being equally looted by our own breed.At times one is tempted to say that God is not fair. Sad to say that not much can be done about it Perhaps we can only HOPE that things will change for the better someday. AFRICA, RISE UP!!!

  116. Enoch. O

    This shameful situation is going on, and it will not end because Europe without Africa is as desolate as the SAHARA DESERT. What the French are doing is also being done by the British in a subtle way against their former colonies. In a matter of fact, the WESTERN WORLD control the world economy, and it is easy for them to cripple a country in AFRICA that they do not like, without going to the trouble the FRENCH are doing. In fact no country in AFRICA will be free and independent the way things are going, but nothing stays the same forever. LONG LIVE AFRICA.

  117. Stella Nyanchama

    Proud of your journalistic prowess and hoping you live up to your dreams and achieve the goals you have set out for yourself

  118. Luke

    My only comment is, let all African youth’s unite. But it will be hard cause the white people as cause hatred in us all, with language, with self condemnation, they use brainwash in us, they brainwashed us all. They create the so-called African Union, in order to control, and remote our leader. Our doesn’t have their our opinions.

  119. tobe

    The very concern of Africa is about religion. Let’s free ourselves from that mental slavery and open the door of true growth, liberty and prosperity


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