the ultimate drug

Lottery, the ultimate drug

Are you a doctor of our society?
You keeping throwing diagnoses after diagnoses!
Do you have cure for any?

No, madam. I’m not a social doctor. I’m just chronicling the things I see around. Not sure there is any on the shelf cure. Social diseases don’t have any doctor here. Those who suffer from them are left to Darwinian evolution to deal with them.

Prostitution is huge here, but who cares! Alcoholism is rampant, mental diseases are increasing, social disorientation is growing, juvenile pregnancy, and many more ugly things… but their victims are on their own. That’s natural!

Life is a lotto here, and here am I writing about lottery as a drug which is destroying my country.

In the city of Kpalime, in the south west of Togo, singlehandedly lottery has destroyed the economy, family structures and the youth of the town. I’m talking about a city of 80.000 people, besieged by alcoholism and gambling.

The father plays daily. The mom plays 3 times a week. The kids forfeit their pocket money to play. A field visit I’ve done in the city 3 years ago, showed that an average a family play lottery up to 45% of their monthly revenue.… Read more