Alcoholism in Togo

Alcoholism is destroying my country

I live in a small town where almost all men over 50 are alcoholics. More worrisome the men around 30 years are massively alcoholics too.

Men gather only around drinking alcohol.

There is no other socializing places except bars and white curtain pubs. There are no cinema, no theater, no festival, no musical concert, no live band, no exhibitions, no sports competition, etc. Well nothing to entertain people except alcohol, sex, and churches.

Since churches are closed, alcoholism and promiscuity have skyrocketed.

Early in the morning you see young men already drunk. Some drink before heading to job. After job, bar and Sodabi corners are crowded with men.

In the city of Kara in the northern part, a doctor told me liver failure is now the third cause of death in the main hospital. People drink all day long in the city.

The numbers should be similar around the country, as drinking has become the only way people found to face life hardship and financial issues. But this phenomenon is hitting more old men, retired people, and the poor in the general.

It’s almost impossible no to fall into the drinking culture, because all social gatherings are now in bars, and peer pressure and snobbism force people to drink like peers.… Read more