Dynasties Rules

Ideologies come and go
Like fashion
Political parties come and go
Like summer flies
Leaders come and go
Like butterflies

Unlike the thunder
Don’t roar or parade
In silence speaks loud
In discretion show off
In ruthlessness get your way
In compassion win hearts
In wisdom fool the people

Pledge allegiance to no ideology
Tie not yourself to a party or a leader
Your loyalty is only to your dynasty

Be resilient to political changes
Be resilient to ideologies fades
Be indifferent to the daily turmoil

See your family in 500 years
Design the rules that keep it prosperous
Beyond time
Beyond scandals
Beyond celebrity
Beyond ideologies

Learn to read the world with the eyes of a turtle
The humility of a cow tale
The mind of a fox
The heart of lion

Those who see time beyond their lifespan
Those who read the world without agitation
Know that all this too would pass
And only they would still be there for eternity.

Don’t be prisoner of impatience!

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