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Calabash Bombs

This was the way…

I descend from the royal medical corps of the Benin empire court (current day Edo state in Nigeria).

My ancestors fled when the British terrorists attacked the walls and burned everything down in 1897.

Benin empire (not to confuse with current day Benin or Dahomey kingdom) was one of the rare African Kingdom which refused to get involved in the capture and sales of people to Europeans. They have built a huge wall to protect the Bini people.

Benin also refused Islam and Christianity, as the Bini mythology and rituals are far superior and more elaborate and knowledgeable than the foreign religions.

Benin Kingdom houses had tape water, street lights, fractal city design, guild of art, craftsmanship, masonry long before many other civilisation. It was one of the most advanced civilisation untouched by slave trade and colonialism until the end of the 19th century.

They have to resist attacks from Northern Islamic tribes, and that’s the topic of this post.

I will share with you two weapons my fore grandfathers had designed for the city protection.

First the bees calabash. Hundreds of calabashes were designed to host nest of bees. In time of peace, the bees produce honey, however in time of war, the calabashes of bees are thrown as target bombs on the invaders down the walls.… Read more


Did you know that the name ‘England’ was given to the country by one of its invaders.

The country now known as England was inhabited by a family of tribes later named as Celts after the Romans invasion.

The anglo-saxons invaders, themselves later beaten by the Normans in 1066 now control most the country resources.

952 years later, in 2018, 25% of Oxford and Cambridge graduates have Normans names. And the lands and elite are still in the hands of the same.

Contrary to popular belief, the world belongs to those with guns and those who are physically and ideologically aggressive . Not the singers, book readers, diploma holders and intellectuals.

The same invaders would later go beat the Spaniards and the French to occupy the country now known as United States of America.

So much as history repeats.

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We need a formidable enemy

We need a formidable enemy.

A man without enemy is a mediocre man.

A country without enemy is a dominion.

An inferior enemy makes you inferior even if you win.

A capable enemy makes you great once you start fighting them.

We need a formidable enemy more than formidable friends.

Enemies are reliable. Friends are less.

Those without enemies, those with small enemies are nothing, and would amount to nothing.

If you don’t have an enemy, make one or name it.

Like someone said a friend is someone who has the same enemies as yourself.

Which country is the enemy of your country?

Do you have good enemies?

If not, your life is mediocre, but you don’t know that.

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I hate those who protest

I hate those who protest.

Give a blow or a poison.

Those who made protesting their business would never amount to anything great.

That huge energy spent in protesting should be diverted into maneuvering (if you ever know what that word means).

Protesting is for black people, the world weakest and poorest people.

You don’t want to be black.

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Dead hero or loud outsider

You can not become a good African leader. You’d be celebrated only if you are dead hero or a permanent opposition.

Why? you asked

Our current states are set up in ways to be a continuation of colonialism, the only thing that changed is that rented black faces and mouths had replaced the white colonizer.

Instead of fighting the white, you fight your own African brother, while the white are chuckling in the back office.

In you’d refuse to run it as a colonial farm, you’d be killed, physically or morally. You become a dead hero. Reason why most African heroes are failed dead folks.

If you make a career out of criticizing the colonial farm and the handlers, you’d be famous with a cheering crowd. However, once you’d get into power, your fate would change dramatically. You’d join the traitors list, puppets in suits, or incapable leaders, because the system as it’s won’t let you do any wanted change.

The choice is either you run it as colonial farm or you are crippled to powerlessness.

Is this too subtle to understand?

Here in my country, people want change. A lot. However any new leader would be a huge disappointment, because the system will beat them.… Read more

Gym wars

“War is the gym of Nations”

That the core belief of the Western elite.

A man who is not going to gym, doing a sport, exercising regularly, would become weak, grow a potbelly and become sexually unsatisfying, almost impotent.

A nation who is not going to war from time to time, is going to become weak as well, would become targeted, will be exploited, and will see its reputation and standing drop in the region or the war.

Like the sweat of the gym guy, the screaming of war revive a nation liveliness.

That’s is the explanation of the belief.

In practice, every generation, or every 25 years, a nation should go to war to prove its liveliness. This had become shorter since the four years presidential term in the United, compared to the usual 25 years reign of a monarch. ‘Every leader should give us a war’ is the motto.

Contrary to all polite discourses and appearances western populations love war, specially when it’s abroad.

Before the first world War, thousands of white people in crowd were in Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, London asking their government to start war, because it was too long (since 1850) they did not get any serious war.… Read more

90% of Top Chinese Government Officials are Scientists & Engineers (2013)

The Chinese President, Xi Jinping, studied Chemical engineering at Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University. Yu Zhengsheng, the chairman of the Communist Party graduated from Harbin’s Military Engineering Institute specializing in the design of Automated Missiles. The Premier, Li Keqiang has a PhD in Economics , and the Foreign Affairs Minister, Wang Yi, is a military and civil construction Engineer.

The same sort of ratio of engineers and scientists at top positions could be found at all levels of the Chinese government. Scientists and Engineers are the most admired and respected people in China, and to become politician you be5er have a degree in science or engineering, and prove that you have a highly disciplined mind.

Since 2009, China has replaced the U.S. as the world’s number one high-technology exporter.
Recent studies found that Chinese scientists salaries have grown exponentially over the last couple of decades, and funding for Research and Development has reached a level competitive with most Western countries.

”The Chinese government has placed emphasis through funding, reform, and societal status on science and technology as a fundamental part of the socio-economic development of the country as well as for national prestige.

China has made rapid advances in areas such as education, infrastructure, high-tech manufacturing, academic publishing, patents, and commercial applications and is now in some areas and by some measures a world leader.… Read more

The Most Disciplined Organization In Human History

Without discipline we would accomplish nothing.
“With Some discipline we can solve only Some problems. With Total discipline we can solve all problems.” Peck Scott (1978) in the book “The road less traveled”.

Six centuries ago, in just 25 years, the Mongols conquered more lands and people than the Romans had in over 400 years. The Mongols accomplished this with the most disciplined army ever in human history.

During the last 30 years, the Chinese Communist Party lifted more than 800 million people out of poverty in China, and reached a level of development Europe succeeded to accomplish only over 400 years.

The Chinese accomplished these results with the most disciplined organization ever in human history: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Even the most critical people of communism have to recognize the facts: ”Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China is one of the most important and successful in human history.” – David Rockefeller, statement in 1973 about Mao Tse-tung, York Times October 08, 1973.

After Mao died in 1976, the Chinese Communist Party vowed never to let a single person, whatever his position or charisma, to have so much power to lead to the horrific deeds of the Chinese cultural revolution.… Read more

Who is the President of Switzerland?

Switzerland has 7 Presidents as Head of State. Yes. Switzerland doesn’t have a President or Prime Minister acting as a Head of State nor a Head of Government like in USA, UK, Nigeria, or Zimbabwe.

The country is managed by a seven-members Council which is considered as a collective Head of State.

One member of the council is considered the President of the Confederation (whom you can figuratively call President of Switzerland) but he is just a «primus inter pares», which means ”first among equals” 7 members of the Federal Council.

He acts in that role for 1 year, and the duty of presidency rotates among the members in order of seniority, then the previous year’s Vice President becomes President.

The President of the Confederation is not considered the head of State, rather the entire Federal Council is considered a collective Head of State. The President main role is to assume special representational duties. He has no powers above the other Councilors and continues to head his or her department.

”Because the Swiss have no single Head of State, the country also carries out no state visits. When traveling abroad, the President does so only as an ordinary Minister of a government Department.… Read more

State as the Work of Science

An African student in China asked his professor the following question: “Why isn’t China doing anything to change his image abroad, as most of the things people say about China are not true”.

The professor paused, smiled, and with a sterling contempt replied “China doesn’t give a damn”. Then continued “it took us 30 years to build our country, while it took over 400 years for Western countries to reach the same level of development.

The most important thing for China now is stability, so we can focus on our development. That’s the stage where we are.

We are well aware of all the various human freedoms available under other suns, and we desire to have them here in China, and we are confident that in time we will have the same freedoms here in China. However, for now, at the stage where we are, we need stability to continue our development.”

Indeed, knowing the kind of political organisation a country needs at particular time in its history is very critical for that country’s stability and prosperity.

After Mao died in 1976, the Chinese Communist Party vowed never to let a single person, whatever his position or charisma, to have so much power to lead to the horrific deeds of the Chinese cultural revolution.… Read more