Gym wars

“War is the gym of Nations”

That the core belief of the Western elite.

A man who is not going to gym, doing a sport, exercising regularly, would become weak, grow a potbelly and become sexually unsatisfying, almost impotent.

A nation who is not going to war from time to time, is going to become weak as well, would become targeted, will be exploited, and will see its reputation and standing drop in the region or the war.

Like the sweat of the gym guy, the screaming of war revive a nation liveliness.

That’s is the explanation of the belief.

In practice, every generation, or every 25 years, a nation should go to war to prove its liveliness. This had become shorter since the four years presidential term in the United, compared to the usual 25 years reign of a monarch. ‘Every leader should give us a war’ is the motto.

Contrary to all polite discourses and appearances western populations love war, specially when it’s abroad.

Before the first world War, thousands of white people in crowd were in Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, London asking their government to start war, because it was too long (since 1850) they did not get any serious war.

Now, since the atomic bomb, big nations don’t attack each other anymore, so to keep their wariness alive, they would attack a weak nation from time to time, or provoke a crisis in order to flex muscles, to herald national pride.

Lot of recent wars are mostly gym’s wars, for the big nations.

Unfortunately this won’t stop soon, simply because of the upheld belief that war is the gym of nations.

Weak nations should learn the ‘spike grass diplomacy’ from the Lithuanians to get a chance.

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