Top 5 ways to get out of poverty quickly

#1. Marriage. Marry into a wealthy family. Love is very important but it’s something between you and your spouse. Kids need good material conditions, and life is too short to suffer all the times.

#2. Good character. Positive mind and willingness to put yourself through voluntary servitude to a lift master until you reach your big goal. Here you need to choose your master wisely.

#3. Politics. There is lot of money in politics and climbing the ladder in most countries is quite easy. The best book to get started is ‘The art of wordly wisdom’ by Balthazar Gracian.

#4. Trade. Selling stuff. The best career for poor is the one of salesperson. Invest in a good sales course. And start a small arbitrage trade business.

#5. Technology. Master a technology in top demand. IT is good. Security is better. Data mining is bestest. Here the secret is to be a packager coupled with marketing skills.

Good luck

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