The seagulls and the monkeys

There a two kinds of activists: the seagulls and the monkeys.

The seagulls are bad activists.
The monkeys are the good activists.

The seagulls fly over shit on the boats and then fly away, while expecting the boats to give them some fish.

The monkeys fake submission, keep reading the situation, and once the tyrannical alpha male seem weak, they beat him up and eventually kill him and take power.

The seagulls feel superior flying high with morals and big words, and shit on everything.
They achieve nothing more than moral highness and noise. On the way, the seagulls often forget why they are doing what they do, and got addicted to shiting on people and things and the feel good they derive from it.

The monkeys are head down, careful and calculating, in ambush to seize any opportunity to take power. They know that the goal is taking power. They never confuse the means with the purpose. They would lick the balls of the alpha male if that would help them achieve their goal. They would make noise but only to confuse and divide the other party.

Are you a seagull or a monkey!?

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