science and non science

Difference between science and non-science

The simplest answer is this.
Every topic that is taught at schools with the same content, with the same books in Moscow, Washington, Beijing, Teheran, and Bengal is science.

In the contrary, any topic which content, books and approach is different in Moscow, different in Pyongyang, different in Beijing, different in New York is not science but what Nassim Taleb called ‘construction’.

Science is universal. Math is universal. While sociology, economics, management, philosophy are political construction depending on the interest of the local power structures.

No country with enough intellectual stamina teaches other political constructions to its pupils and students.

Did you know that sociology was invented by western countries to counter communism? They even teach that stuff at colonial universities!!

The sad thing is that some people waste 4 years and more of their life studying political propaganda tools 😂 thinking they are studying science. 😂😂😂

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