Romanticizing Sacrifice

Romanticizing Sacrifice

Many things in life are too difficult to bear with without tricking humans to accept it.

Humans are lazy, but a huge literature has been constructed around work to romanticize it to the point where humans in majority now love to work. Some even kill themselves at work forgetting their own wellbeing.

Being in couple is difficult and very challenging. It’s very demanding to having kids and raising them. For any rational mind, the sacrifice that goes into building a couple, and having kids is beyond comprehension.

Reason why societies everywhere have constructed mythologies around family values, created fairytales around love and marriage, and romanticized the sacrifice necessary to bear with the brunt reality of building and sustaining a family. Because it’s a lot of sacrifice… for … only … vanity.

War is a folly where people who are engaged in are wounded, damaged, killed, but a big literature has romanticized war to the point where humans now engage in what they call war of choice. They want to go to war voluntarily…

It’s not only society that has to trick humans into things they might never like to do without romanticization.

Natures uses hormones to alter women and men perception to infatuate, fall in love, copulate, and keep using hormones to make them commit to raising their offsprings.… Read more