dead ends

African Activism Dead Ends

We’d be soon in 2021, and a lot of Africans still think Europeans enslaved, colonized them, and keep fucking them because they are black or because of their skin color.

That’s pure stupidness and ignorance. That’s a lie. That’s false to say and think.

Africans are not colonized because their skin is black. They are because they colonisables. They are because they are weak. They are because they easy to manipulate.

Japanese colonized China not because of their skin color, but because at the time Chinese were weak.

The mongols colonized the Russians not because of their skin color but because at the time the mongols were stronger and the Russians were weaker.

Cortez conquered Mexico not because of the Indians skin color but because his men were stronger and strategized better than the Indians.

Of course saying we were enslaved and colonized because we were weak and unprepared put the full responsibility of our plight on us. It means our situation is limited to historical circumstances and it’s our responsibility to reverse that.

However thinking that our plight is due to our skin color lift the responsibility from us to something outside of our control: our skin color.

As we cannot change our skin color this mean our domination is permanent, a fate or god will.… Read more