Schumpeterian Barbarism

‘I must study politics and war, that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.’ John Adams

Descendants of Barbarians are always much better off than the descendants of civilized people.

If you don’t believe me, ask the Germans and the vikings descendants. The current world elite is dominated by them from Washington to Vienna.

A famous book with African activists is Check Anta Diop’s ‘Civilisation or Barbarism’. The whole point of the book is to prove that Africans had built higher civilisation and we’re civilized long before the barbarians Europeans got out of their caves with blue eyes.

Diop thesis is fine, however it induced our people into the trap of believing Africans are morally superior, and unfortunately they spent countless hours in nostalgia conferences and talk shows, freezing themselves into the past, with reactionary behaviors.

Barbarism is a necessity. It’s the ideology of underprivileged nations in order to access resources and better off their future. Like capitalism is the ideology of the wealthy to beat inflation. Like feminism is an ideology for women’s liberation. Like patriarchy is the ideology of men to keep women away from privileges…

During the most recorded history, Barbarians always win against civilized people. Simply Because civilisation makes people’s fighting spirit to weaken as life enjoyment is preferred to endless wars or fights.

Therefore civilisation is often a trap, specially if one has uncivilized nations at the border.

Yes, Macdonald nations don’t fight each other. But jollof nations would always try to invade Macdonald countries.

How the French men in the Marais in Paris, with makeup and high-heel shoes, would fight the Senegalese peasants?

Until recently, barbarians always come from the north. Northerners would always be a threat to the southerners. Reason why the current world wealth and power everywhere is in the hand of the descendants of Northern barbarians, everywhere.

Barbarism always win against civilisation, because of high motivation to fight and nothing to lose. However once they’ve won, they progress on the civilisation ladder and become weak in turn.

Smart civilized nation however groom a reservoir of ‘Barbarians inside’ to be able to unleash them on demand.

Future barbarians would mostly come from the south. But the technology of the new barbarians are yet to be invented. Terrorism is not sufficient.

Here, with inflated high moralism, Africans are yet to discover the virtue of Barbarism and groom it to fruition. Reason why Europe is using religion and NGOs to delay as long as possible the emergence of Barbarism in Africa. Also, the misled African activists high on African moral superiority are unconsciously helping the European agenda.

Civilisation is a derivative of wealth accumulation. Barbarism is a derivative of scarcity. In the pure tradition of Marxist materialism, Barbarism is inevitable if the current world inequality would keep expanding.

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