Peace of mind and never ending happiness

This is your ticket to peace of mind and never ending happiness

The world would always be in crisis. This will not change.

There has never been any time in history where the world was not in a kind of crisis.

The permanent status of the world is permanent crisis, and more crises after more solutions. Solutions becoming problems, and problems becoming solutions.

Don’t let that turmoil defines you. Don’t structure your life around fixing the world.

Give yourself the permission to enjoy yourself and having peace inside and outside.

You can self appoint yourself as a champion of a cause, but you should never give precedence to public affairs over private ones.

Be generous first to yourself, second to your family, and next to your immediate neighbors.

In fact, the world had been saving itself for millennia before you were born. The world existed thousands of years before humans and would continue to exist millions of years after humans would be gone.

If you’d die tomorrow, the world won’t crumble. If you’d stop everything you are doing now, the world would still spinning, and probably no one would notice your death except your dog and your cat.

Keep in mind, your role here is you, first. You being happy is the only purpose of your existence. If you are miserable you have failed your parents and evolution!

Living in peace, with less stress, less conflicts, healthy and joyful is the only life equation worth solving.

Solving successfully that equation would mean you are a good person for the world.

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