Knowledge loves money

Where is money, knowledge prospers.
Knowledge should be watered with money to grow.
Without investing heavily on knowledge production, like knowledge factories, everything you get is repetition disguised as novelty because the audience is ignorant of antecedent.

When thinkers are hungry they spend most of their time their insulting, critiquing, becoming bitter and bitter to irrelevance.

It’s sad to read thesis or papers at our university that are presented as research output, ignoring that those issues had been cornered like a quarter a century ago.

You read some philosophers presenting their so called findings which are mere repetition of half century old debates.

Knowledge is not cheap. Ignorance is.

PS: On the knowledge tree, there are thinkers, knowledge retailers and commentators.

Thinkers produce knowledge.

Knowledge Retailers are the intellectuals, they help spread it by repackaging it or just repeating it with formality.

Commentators are essayists and activists which interpret knowledge in the wildest manners without any kind of supervision or peer review.

We don’t have enough knowledge producers.

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