Global championship of nations

Colonisation is a global game like the football championship

The best win. But they eventually lose their edge and got relegated.

The loser keep playing, learning the ropes until their time comes.

In history, there are no permanent winners and there are no permanent losers.

All populations of the world have been colonized. No exception.
And all populations have colonized. No exception.

Protesting colonisation or imperialism, would be equivalent of stopping playing the football championship and starting protesting why only some clubs are winning.

Anyone doing that would be seen as a stupid person. That’s how those who protest colonisation and imperialism look like.

You have been colonized. Fair enough, it’s because you were not competitive enough. You were weak, or caught unprepared.

What to do?

Learn the ropes and become the new master in town. Then Enjoy your 15 mn of historical glory until another underdog got your ass kicked.

That’s the game. The game of history.

Protesting colonialism and imperialism should be left to hustler activists seeking pity or humanitarian aid.

Those who are serious about their plight are head down, plotting, strategizing, concentrated on the game in town, keep studying the rules, master the ropes, await their time, and boom take revenge.

Don’t protest colonialism or imperialism. They are natural in human history. You lose today, but you could be the winner tomorrow.

That’s the game.

Africans look at the world as unfair, and unjust toward them simply because they are the most recent to lose in the global championship of nations. They are suffering colonisation and imperialism.

But it’s the game. You lose, you suffer.
Until you learn the championship ropes and free yourself.

Indeed, There is no favor in the global championship of nations. Protesting, crying, complaining, publishing analysis of how imperialism works won’t change anything.

Only winning matters!

That is it.

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