Europe, A place of no Hope

Seriously, for Black people, Europe is a place of NO HOPE.

Europe has never produced a single black billionaire.

All black billionaires are from Africa or America.

I wonder if there are even black decamillionaires in Europe.

All black Nobel prize winners are either from Africa or America, except one.

Beyond their bright and colorful dress, most live in European ghetto houses, holding the lowest status jobs despite their diploma or impressive academic records.

If black Diaspora in Europe never amount to nothing except in sport/music, why do Africans go or stay there?

Even worst, the small number of Africans who achieve a little bit in Europe are Africans born in Africa before moving to Europe. Africans born in Europe have very low education level and even do worst than their parents born in Africa.

What could be a solution for the black Diaspora in Europe?

If you are African, smart, and not afraid of challenges, move back to Africa.

Africa is not easy, but after 3 years of focused effort, you will achieve more than all your 10 or 20 years at that place which is structurally hostile to black people and anti-black achievement.

When I visit Europe, some time, I go back to my room to cry. The misery of black people there is so appalling. The shiny shoes, the nice suits, the constant makeup barely hide the distress you read in their mind.

Hell ô Hell. Why a smart African would chose to stay in Europe where he is constantly asked ‘Why don’t you get the FUCK out of here?’ where he needs to smile when insulted, aggressive to be accepted? Where he needs to act dumb or funny to be worthy?

Maybe there are lot of happy Africans in Europe. I have met only few, and those few call themselves negropeans. Obviously, they are no use for us.

Be courageous. You are an African. Grab your destiny. It’s in Africa.

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